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The Dreaded Medical

Posted on Wed Aug 5, 2020 @ 6:49pm by Lieutenant Andrese "Andie" Anwar & Lieutenant Mari Savette

Mission: Starbase 101
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current


Making her way to Sickbay for her medical Mari was looking forward to meeting the ship’s doctor, they were both medical professionals and as such they’d be working closely together. She wondered if this doctor would be as strict as her last, he’d been what she considered over the top about her stress levels given that she’d developed her abilities earlier than most Betazoids, even though she was only half Betazoid. As she walked through the doors of Sickbay she paused and looked around.

The Sickbay was largely quiet, at the moment. Still waiting on most of the staff to come aboard and get settled, it left only the newly assigned department head and one or two nurses, taking stock of the department to ensure their readiness to depart. Sitting at her desk, the Doctor was apparently thoroughly embroiled in something on the computer there.

“Hi” Mari smiled warmly. “I’m Mari Savette, the new Chief Counsellor. I thought I’d save you the trouble of chasing me and report for my medical.”

Looking up from the screen that she had been very intently studying, Doctor Anwar flashed a brief look to whom was addressing her, and offered a small nod of acknowledgement before returning her attention, and tapping a few times. "One moment please."

Tapping away at whatever it was she was working on, a long few moments of laden silence and intermittent

"I apologize, I was running a trial." was informed, as dark brown gaze came to finally rest on the erstwhile patient. "I am Andrese Anwar."

Rising from her seat, the Doctor extended a hand with the intent to shake in typical Human fashion. "I appreciate your ambition in coming to me. It does make my job much simpler."

Mari extended her hand and shook hands before letting go again. “Well we medical professionals should stick together, I can’t advise people if I’m not willing to see a doctor myself” She smiled warmly.

"A very effective point of view." Andrese concurred, and stepped around her desk. Waving at one of the empty beds in silent invitation towards the Counselor, she moved towards it as well. Fetching up a padd and a bioscanner along the way, she pulled up Savette's file. "Have you experienced anything out of normal parameters between your last posting and this?"

“Not really” Alicia looked at the young woman as she shook her head. Hopping up onto a biobed she waited for the Doctor to run her scans. “But then I’m classed as unusual in that I developed my Betazoid abilities early.”

Dark eyes narrowed slightly as the Doctor ran her scanner over the erstwhile 'patient'. Expression was one of mild intrigue and focus, all of her attention now turned onto the information being given. After what felt like a very long span of time in silence and study, Anwar lowered the tool and turned her gaze onto Mari. "You are a very interesting specimen, Counselor."

Mari grinned. “I am? I can’t say I’ve heard that from any other doctors. I normally get a lecture on how high my stress levels are and how I should learn to relax more. I’ll admit I’m not your average Betazoid in that I have green blood and organs whee they shouldn’t be, but I’m not your a-typical Vulcan either in that I don’t suppress my emotions.

"That you exist at all is something of an anomaly." Andrese continued succinctly, setting aside her scanner to tap at her padd for a moment. "Biologically, it is not as if it is unheard of. Vulcanoid and other Humanoids are known to be compatible in most cases. From a Sociological standpoint, however... very intriguing. Have you been told what motivated your parents to mate, perchance?"

“They were very much in love” Mari smiled. “My mother wasn’t planning a pregnancy but it happened and here I am.” She grinned.

"Hm," was all that the Doctor initially replied, clearly not the answer she had been expecting to receive. Lapsing into another one of those odd, heavily laden moments of silence as she peered studiously at her padd. "Your cortisol levels are higher than I would like to see. Though, as you informed, it is to be relatively expected given your inherent abilities. There are no medications listed in your file; what manner of counteractive measures do you take?"

“Generally ... none if I can get away with it” Mari offered a guilty look. “If I really have to then I use a neural inhibitor for short bursts but I can’t stand being without my senses. It makes me more stressed being without them.”

Pursing her lips thoughtfully, Anwar set aside the padd and crossed her arms lightly over her chest. "If I may make a suggestion?" Was inquired, though by her tone, it was clear that said suggestion was really something more of an implied order. "I would recommend that you incorporate a daily regime of yoga and meditation. There have been many studies proving it is more effective than most more invasive techniques."

Mari nodded. “I will endeavour to follow your orders, I’ll admit I don’t meditate as much as I really should. I was never able to reach a complete state of relaxed meditation.”

"If you would like, I can make some files available to you that I have found most helpful in my own pursuits." Andrese replied, clearly not dissuaded by the Counselor's admission. "I believe that this methodology would be more beneficial for you, over all, if it can be made into a more constant habit. Regardless, I would very much like to see those levels lessened on a baseline level."

Mari nodded. “Please send me the files and I will endeavour to meditate more. I try not to be a awkward patient.”

"Very well." Andrese concluded, and let her arms fall back to rest at her sides. "If you do not have any other concerns, I think that we could call this introductory session concluded. I would like to check your progress in two weeks."

Mari smiled and nodded. “Two weeks it is then. Thank you for your help Doctor, it’s been nice getting to know you.”

Giving a small nod to indicate her general agreement, Andrese began to gather up her few bits of equipment, and perfunctorily sweeping back towards the console she had previouslyabandonedfor this interlude. "I will have those files sent to you shortly. See you in two weeks."



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