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Nice meeting you

Posted on Sun Aug 2, 2020 @ 9:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Korath . & Lieutenant Mari Savette

Mission: Starbase 101
Location: XO’s office


Mari was making a point of meeting her senior officers, having had a quick read of Commander Korath’s personnel file she was wondering what it would be like to work with a Klingon. This would be a first for her, pressing the door chime of the XO’s office she waited for an invite to enter.

"Enter! " a deep voice sounded over the comm. The word was more of a command than an invitation.

As she walked inside Mari took a quick look around wondering if the office would be decorated in a Klingon style. She smiled warmly as her eyes fell on Korath. “Lieutenant Mari Savette, Chief Counsellor. I thought I’d come and introduce myself.”

Thw space was a mixture of Klingon and federation style weapons from various cultures adorned the walls a model of the Phoenix related on a corner table. A model of the barge of the dead sat on the corner of the desk. "Yes. I've read your file lieutenant. " he said setting a PADD aside.

“This is an interestly decorated office” Mari smiled as she motioned to the weapons. “Do you have an interest in collecting them or fighting with them?”

Korath looked at her as if deciding if she was making light conversation or trying to psychoanalyze him. "Both. No warrior would allow himself to become ignorant of lifes challenges." He replied.

“Indeed” Mari smiled warmly. “I’ve always made a point of facing challenges head on. Being a Counsellor I face challenges a lot with those I help, giving up isn’t an option.”

"Indeed The counselors at the Federation embassy said much the same thing when I defected. Klingons don't find talk particularly challenging living through two assassination attempts and braving an assault on an asteroid compound to avenge a fallen spouse; those were challenges worthy of a warrior. I keep these decorations to remind me that in battle nothing is certain and the difference between honor and dishonor can be as fine as a single hair."

Mari nodded. “Ahh so you’ve already seen about as much of Counsellor’s as you’d care to?” She smiled. “I totally understand, not everyone likes Counsellor’s and I don’t expect people to simply accept me. I promise you I won’t be pestering you. I would simply like to make friends rather than wary crewmates.”

"I understand lieutenant. I simply do not wish to be psycho analyzed randomly, therefore I felt it prudent to explain my decorating inspiration. "

Mari smiled and nodded. “I promise not to psycho analyse you randomly. I only analyse people when they’re in my office. I asked because I find Klingon weapons interesting, I’d like to learn to handle a Bat’leth.”

"The bat'leth isn't a weapon it is an extension of your arm. It takes years to master. If you are serious in your desire to learn; then I would be willing to teach you the basic forms."

Mari looked at Korath wide eyed. “Really? I err ...” she nodded enthusiastically. “Yes ... please!”

Korath simply nodded in response to her near slip. "Meet me in holodeck 1 at 1700 hours and we will begin your first lesson."

Mari smiled. “I’ll be there, thank you Sir.”

"You may not thank me when we are done. " the Klingon said evenly. "Don't be late." He said with the faintest hint of a smirk.

“I am never late” Mari smiled politely. “I will see you there.” She nodded politely before heading on her way.

Korath regarded the door for a few moments after the Lieutenant had left, before making a slightly amused snort and then returned to work.



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