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Lived long and Prospered

Posted on Tue Jul 21, 2020 @ 1:30pm by Lieutenant Sorel PhD & Captain Joseph Boston

Mission: Starbase 101
Location: USS Tigris
Timeline: Concurrent


< USS Tigris Bridge >

Professor Sorel of Vulcan exited the turbo lift passing a humanoid, himself enroute to see his Captain. Sorel had once tought acadecians and ran a whole department on a starbase but that was a long time ago.

For a Vulcan it was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Tapping the door chime Sorel awaited permission to enter his Captain's office.

Joe was working on the small mountain of padds that were collecting on his desk. Always so many things to do before leaving spacedock. When he heard the chime he welcomed the break. "Come."

"Captain Boston, Lieutenant Sorel reporting for duty. It is very agreeable to be of service to you." The elder Vulcan greeted. A furlough had occured between being Director on Starbase 249 and accepting this new post. Fortunately his reserve activation clause had preserved his rank of Lieutenant.

Joe stood and straightened his uniform. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant Sorel. It's a pleasure to meet you. I trust you'll find this assignment adequate?"

" Yes sir it is. It is good to be back in uniform. I have already consulted some of my former students to fill some science positions. " Sorel replied. " I hope that is acceptable?"

Joe nodded. "The Science department is all yours. I know your personnal are more than qualified."

Sorel raised an eyebrow, " Acceptable then. With your permission I will check in with that staff?"

Joe handed a PADD to Sorel. "There have been some upgrades to the Astronomics Lab. After you check in with your staff you might want to see what they have done."

" I look forward to that sir. Once again thank you for tgis assignment."

"Carry on then Lieutenant." Joe said with a smile.

Sorel bowed and made way to go to the new lab as suggested.



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