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Coming aboard

Posted on Tue Jul 21, 2020 @ 9:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Korath . & Captain Joseph Boston

Mission: Starbase 101
Location: Transporter room, starbase 101

The transporter beam released him and the Klingon looked around at his surroundings, before stepping off the pad. "Good morning Ensign." Korath said making his best attempt to make small talk. The young transporter chief smiled. "Good morning sir. Welcome aboard. Captain Boston sent word, he is expecting you at his temporary office aboard station. Sir. If you like I could stow your duffle while you are in the meeting." Korath nodded and set the duffle down next to the transporter console. "Thank you Ensign." He said then crossed the room and stepped into the corridor.

=/\= 5 minutes later, temporary offices =/\=

The Klingon pressed the door chime and straignened his tunic.

Joe heard the chime and said. "Enter."

Korath stepped through the door. "Lt. Commander Korath reporting as ordered." The words Came with all the stoicism one would expect from a Klingon. He held out a hand to shake.

Joe looked up at the gigantic man before him. "LT. Commander Korath you say?" Joe said standing up. Joe stood, shook his hand and noticed his new first officer was still a foot taller than he.

"Yes sir; my orders." Korath replied as he handed the transfer orders to the Captain.

"How are your diplomatic skills Commander?" Joe asked as he took the padd.

For a brief moment his stoic visage turned to one of dread perhaps. "By Klingon standards, excellent sir." The minor pun underlying the fact that diplomacy was never his strongest skill.

Joe looked at the man. "This is a first for me Commander Korath. I know of Klingons serving aboard Starfleet ships but as first officer there are going to be many times you will have to negotiate."

The Klingon forced down a sneer at the question of his ability. In the Empire he would have been right to kill the man for questioning his duty. In the Federation however; it was one of the more alien concepts he had had to assimilate. "While I am no Picard, I assure you I have passed the required diplomatic concepts needed to become a starfleet officer." With the exception of a letter or reprimand on his record, his file proved him a competent negotiator. He on the other hand understood the captain's inquiry given the circumstances surrounding his disciplinary hearing nearly a decade ago.

Joe nodded. "I have gone over your service record, it is very impressive. You have served with honor every post you've been to. I know you will continue to do the same here. Have you seen or been to the ship yet?"

"I felt it more prudent to report in before seeing the ship sir."

Joe walked over to the wall and tapped it to open the viewing port. There in the distance was the USS Tigris. "What do you say we go aboard our ship Nunber One?"

Korath straightened his tunic with a nod. "Of course sir. I am ready to begin my duties " The Klingon looked out at the Sovereign class star ship. "A strong ship."

Joe smiled. "She is, I have this office all packed up if your ready let's head over and get to work."

Korath stepped A-side and allowed the Captain to exit first. "After you sir. "


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