Hammer and Nails

Posted on Fri Jun 17, 2016 @ 10:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Lieutenant Sean "Shack" Byrnes

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: CoE's Office
Timeline: Current


"Any questions?" Nikki asked, standing at the front of the medical conference room and looking at each of the faces of the 75 medical staff who had volunteered to take on the extra training required to be certified as Emergency Field Trauma Specialists...the first of many.

"Someone said something about us having special uniforms," one of the nurses asked.

"That's true," Nikki answered. She called the picture of the new jumpsuit up on her PADD and "threw" it onto the main viewer. "As you can see it is based on a the utility jump suits the flight crew wears, only in a lighter, stretch fabric that will allow you to move more freely. They also have lots of pockets to carry stuff in. And...of course...they will be in Medical Teal." She ,looked around at the eager faces. "Ok. So since there aren't any more questions....the first class will start next week on stardate 61471.48 at 1900 in Holodeck 3," she said. "You can get a jump on things by reading chapters 1-4 in your text. Thank you everyone. Have a great evening."

She watched the 75 staff members file out of the conference room then gathered up the material she had brought in and shut everything down. As she walked through the rear door of Sickbay and across the floor to the nurses' station she felt a sense of accomplishment. Now all she had to do was meet with Byrnes and Skii and then she could get something to eat....maybe.

***10 minutes later***

Nikki, carrying a PADD, walked through the door of Engineering and looked around for Byrnes. When she saw him on the other side of the warp core, she walked the towering column of power plenty of space...and walked up to the wall by the control panel he was concentrating on. Leaning her back against the wall and folding her arms she said, with a mischievous smirk, "I'm looking for an engineering genius. Know where I might find one?"

Glancing her way, a grin forming, Byrnes responded. "Look around, Doc. All these folks are pretty damn smart. As for genius? That remains to be seen." Patting the back of a female engineer, to get her to take over what he was doing, giving her a smile and nod, Sean approached Beckett. "What can we do for ya, Doc?"

Nikki was about to say something when an ensign walked up and excused himself then produced a PADD with some readings on it for Sean to check so Nikki waited, patiently then...when Sean was finished, she said, "can we go into your office? I need your undivided attention."

Byrnes beamed at her, waiting for others to be out of earshot before he said in a low tone, "If you need your ample nacelles checked, Doc, that's your department." Then, waving it off with a chuckle, he motioned for her to come along, leading her into the CEO office. Picking up his thermomug off the desk, staying this side of it, he sipped and almost spewed. It took all he had to swallow down the cold, nasty, three hour old coffee. Tossing it into the refuse he went to the replicator and ordered another before turning her way. "Please, no proctology exams. The exhaust system is in order."

"Not at all on my agenda," Nikki laughed. "This time, anyway." She sat down on the front edge of the chair in front of Sean's desk and activated the screen on the PADD she was carrying. "Starfleet Medical has put me in charge of implementing an Emergency Field Trauma Specialist program here on the Tigris and part of that requires some...shall we say...renovations to some specific storage closets throughout the ship," she began to explain. "I have done my homework and I know which ones are, currently, not in use and can easily be renovated." She stood up, handed him the PADD and leaned over the desk so she could point to the areas she was referring to.

Byrnes, now more behind his desk since he used the replicator, came around to her side to spare her lumbar region. Instead of taking the PADD he stepped in beside her to read it side by side. "Nothing too difficult, from what I see here. You'll need to get with Commander Skii, as well. Operations is responsible for aesthetics, moving folks from quarters to quarters, all that. But, any and all engineering needs for this we can do, Doc. Then, of course, Security. If you want lock panels in place so people don't just help themselves instead of using the medkits in spaces."

"OK. This is what I have in mind," Nikki said. Bringing up the diagram of the Tigris's decks, she said, "the teams will need a place to hang out while on duty...which...when the ship is on Yellow or Red Alert will be 24 hour shifts. The storage closets I am referring to are large enough to be converted into a small aid station with bunks for two people, a desk, supply storage and a replicator." She changed the image on the screen to show how the EFTS duty station should look like. Then she flipped back to the deck listing. "There are unused closets on Deck 2 - between the Enlisted Affairs Office & the Emergency Batteries Storage Room; Deck 4 - between the VIP Quarters & Transporter Room 1; Deck 5 - between the Security Training Facility & the Chief of Intelligence Office; Deck 6 - between the Diplomatic Facility & the Civilian Quarters; Deck 7 - between Astrometrics & the Secondary ODN; Deck 9 - between the Emergency Transporter & the Crew Quarters; Deck 10 - between the Marine Barracks & the Marine HQ; Deck 11 - between the Marine Barracks & the Crew Quarters; Deck 13 - between the the Science Labs & the aft Mess Hall; Deck 14 - outside Shuttlebay 2; Deck 16 - between the Chief of Engineering Office & the Weapons Locker; Deck 18 - between the Multi-purpose Chamber (upper) & the Crew Quarters and Deck 21 - outside Cargo Bay 10 (upper)." Then she sat back down and gave him a chance to absorb what she was asking.

"We'll be busy, that's for sure," stated Byrnes, not missing her leaning in closer and closer to show him the diagrams. Her hair was right there, the aromas of cleanliness filling his nostrils, along with the pheromones. He braced his mind, getting back on track. "Won't take much to convert each one, but we'll need to work in sections, going down through decks in order, so we don't overextend and exhaust our personnel."

"How long do you think it will take?" Nikki asked, her mind totally focused on the task at hand.

"Weeks," stated Sean, then grinned when he saw the look on her face. "But, you don't have weeks, so I'll cut it down to days. Just keep in mind, when it's all over you will owe the gold monkeys some kudos." Taking in another whiff of lavender and vanilla from her, he went on. "I'll assign teams for each space, each deck, then they can work their way down. I would say one full day per deck. Will that work for ya, Doc?"

Nikki laughed. " don't have to burn your people out," she said, smiling, sweetly. "It's going to take me 10 weeks to train the 75 people I currently have and the soonest Starfleet can send me anyone already trained is 2 weeks and that will only be 20 more people. So you have at least 2 weeks before I'll need at least 5 strategically placed stations. Use your discretion as to how to place them. I would suggest high risk areas first. Yes?" she said, quirking an eyebrow, questioningly.

Byrnes gave another grin, mirth in his eyes. "They won't burn out, Doc. We'll do it by the numbers and shift big deal. Places close to action such as the bridge and engineering, we'll make sure those spaces are finished first, then you'll have a few set up by the time your personnel arrive."

Nikki smiled, approvingly. "Thank you Sean," she said, getting to her feet and extending her hand. She breathed a sigh of relief. "Next stop...the Quartermaster," she said.