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Casual discussion

Posted on Tue Jun 14, 2016 @ 5:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Rogue "Ro" Green & Lieutenant Sean "Shack" Byrnes

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: Aft'R Hours lounge
Timeline: current


Wearing a sleeveless Underarmor black shirt, and a pair of Underarmor black shorts, her feet covered in black aquasocks, Green made her way to Aft'r Hours. Entering the main ship lounge and seeing a minimal crowd, Ro spotted Byrnes sitting at the end of the bar closest to her, two empty stools on either side of him. Checking her French braid, feeling the hair still slightly damp from her shower, Green went over and mounted the stool to his right. "Hi, Sean."

Byrnes, sitting and sipping his whiskey on the rocks gave a slight turn in his high backed stool, leaning back casually as he looked over. "Hello." He looked her up and down, the nostrils flaring as he caught the odors of soap and shampoo. "Were you a dirty girl?"

Liam came over and Green ordered Klingon Bloodwine. "I was. But, a girl has to keep her mimsy clean."

"Mimsy?" Sean raised his eyebrows slightly at that, a half grin forming.

"Yes, mimsy," stated Green, her own grin forming. "Does the word 'vagina' ring any bells?"

Sean's grin vanished and his left hand came up, rubbing his chin and lips in thought, but the humor was plain as day in his eyes. ", can't say that it does. Though, I have heard tell of it before, even seen one a time or two."

Green held her snickering down, letting him go on, but it was definitely a battle of the will to sit and watch him play it out.

Byrnes continued. "Like the Bigfoot. There are those who have claimed to seen one, but never have. Then, there are those who have seen many, but never talk about it." Seeing Ro ready to pop with laughter, Sean winked at her and laughed.

Laughing in return, Green got her drink and then clanked glasses. "Well played, Sean." Still giggling, she then sipped some bloodwine. Right hand still on the cup she set it down, looking at him again. "So, I heard through the rumor bin that you have a nickname. Care to share that."

"Christ in a cartoon," said Byrnes under his breath, smiling. "How soon I forget you are the Security Chief."

"Oh, I can assure you, I am much more than that," responded Green, smiling. "So, care to explain the name 'Shack'?"

Sighing and sitting up straighter, Byrnes gave a slight shaking of the head. "Okay. With the Irish, if a man is named John Patrick, it normally gets shortened to Jack, for whatever reason. So, while working at Planetia one of my team mates, a cute little blonde, found out my full name; Sean Patrick Byrnes. In accordance with the 'jack' thing, she started calling me Shack."

"Uh huh," said Green, a twinkle in her eye as she downed her bloodwine and then motioned for another. "It has nothing to do with your proclivity with the ladies while at Planetia?"

There it was, and Sean could feel the slightest blush forming in his cheeks. "I plead the 5th."

Getting her new bloodwine and taking a swallow before belching low and into her fist, Ro grinned as she met his gaze. "Sorry, the 5th doesn't hold water anymore. The Federation doesn't uphold that particular amendment as it was originally stated in the U.S. Constitution. Similar, but not exactly the same, since the UFP is and was designed after the United States Republic. Sure, you add in the amendments by the original five members, being extra-terrestrial, and certain things had to be re-worded and changed, but it doesn't take away from the origin."

Byrnes sat and just stared at her, his eyes showing he understood all that, but kind of amazed she just rattled it off like that. "You need a hobby," he finally said, laughing again. "Holy hell, I didn't know if you were going to stop or not. You memorized all that?"

"Sure as shit," smiled Green. "I may have been raised on colonies, but once I decided to join Starfleet, I absorbed everything about my species' homeworld...MY original homeworld. Comes with the job. Knowing and understanding Federation law and Starfleet regulations became paramount, no matter which Starfleet Occupational Specialty I chose to go for." Drinking another swallow of bloodwine followed by a belch. "It's who I am. Kirk once stated a quote to Lieutenant Saavik; *you have to learn WHY things work on a starship, not just HOW*. So, I took that to a whole new level, encompassing everything I do in that belief. The HOW and WHY both being equally important."

"I get that," replied Sean. "I do the same thing. It's why being an engineer took precedence. How something works does no damn good until you also figure out why it is the way it is to begin with. Then, once figured out you improvise, overcome, and adapt." He gave a non-chalant shrug. "Once I get to know Tigris better, there will be personal tweaks to upgrade performance with certain systems. Between Skii and myself I'm pretty sure we can get this baby running top notch...and not the same as every other Sovereign. Give the Skipper a bit of pride, and bring envy his way from other Captains."

Finishing her second goblet of bloodwine, Green pushed the cup away and stood, slapping Byrnes on the upper arm. "We think alike...Shack." She gave a giggle and wink when she called him that. "Get used to it, I'll be using it more and more each day. Have fun." Spinning on her heel she walked out of the lounge.

Byrnes watched her go, not ashamed to admire her backside, then spun to face the bar straight, seeing Liam giving him the eye and a grin. "What?"

"Fiery lass, that one," warned Liam in his own humorous way, a touch of serious in the tone. "You'd do well to keep her on your good side."

"That's the plan, Liam. That is the plan," Shack said in a low tone, for Liam only.



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