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Injured shuttle/injured people

Posted on Tue Jun 14, 2016 @ 4:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Lieutenant Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Victor Harvey

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: shuttlebay
Timeline: current


With the Doctor beside him, Byrnes left the bridge. They made their way down corridors and lifts to shuttlebay 2, and when they went inside they saw the carnage. Byrnes shook his head, seeing that the damage to the craft and its berth was minimal. "I swear to all that is magical, Doc, things on spacedock are getting worse every year. First we get bad coolant lines and specs, now this," he motioned off-handedly to the mess before them. "I shoulda stayed in the Pacific, with tropical islands, brown skinned ladies, and sandy beaches. But, nooooo...I had to be an engineer in space." He shook his head and chuckled with a sigh.

"I hear Bora Bora is nice this time of year," Nikki teased. Seeing a couple of crew members standing off to the with blood on his forehead and the other with a torn and bloody sleeve, she said, "time to go to work," just as the medical corpsman walked into the shuttlebay. "Is that one of the new kits?" she asked the medic and when he said it was she said, "give me the dermal-regenerator and go check on the others." With the instrument in hand, Nikki walked over to the two injured crew and began to treat their lacerations.

Walking over to the mess and the tipped on side shuttle, Byrnes saw several engineers already there. They stood staring at the same disarray, hands on hips, like they were waiting for it to all magically fix itself. "You two," stated Sean. "Get up there and repair the lock braces and the berth damage. You two," looking to the last pair. "Get up in the shuttle control room and work with flight control. Get the damn guidance tractor beam online, then right this puppy." He ended that by motioning towards the shuttle. When his people began to move Byrnes tapped his combadge.

"Byrnes to Captain. The shuttle incident is minor, and we should have it cleaned up and repaired in no time. Doc Beckett is seeing to the minor cuts and abrasions, nothing too serious. I'll make a full report when we have it done. Byrnes out." He tapped the comm off.

Once those with injuries were treated, Nikki sent them back to work and put away and told the medic to go back to his station. She walked over to Sean and stood next to him, looking at the toppled shuttle. She tilted her head to one side, then the other then she tapped him on the shoulder. "I know I'm just a doctor it supposed to sit like that?" she teased. "makes it kind of hard to get in doesn't it?"

Just then the Flight Control Chief stormed in and stood with his hands on his hips, shaking his head. "This is unacceptable," he said. "Totally unacceptable."

Nikki looked over at the man and muffled a giggle. She leaned towards Sean and whispered, "I'll leave you to it. Have fun." With that she took a couple of steps backward then turned and hurried out of the shuttlebay.



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