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Securing Security

Posted on Thu Jun 9, 2016 @ 6:30am by Lieutenant Commander Rogue "Ro" Green

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: Security Dept.
Timeline: current


As soon as the ship was released for patrols, Green called over her relief and left the bridge. She had been going at it for the last few days, with the investigation and then the shakedown battle, she had had barely enough time to take a piss let alone anything else. Her department had been bereft of her presence, except for her research into the internal sensor logs, so it was high time to meet and greet them. On her way down, she bypassed the security deck and went straight to sickbay, finding a medical officer to do her physical for her. She hated not meeting the CMO directly through the procedure, but there was plenty of time to get to know her fellow officers. Once she was cleared for duty, and fit as a fiddle as the med officer had announced, Ro left sickbay and went back up to Security from deck 7.

Arriving in Security Green noted the Alpha shift personnel within the confines of the duty station and brig area. Nodding to them she walked over, seeing a younger woman sitting at the console for brig security and patrol check-ins. "Record this meeting, Ensign, for those not present."

"Aye, Sir." The woman tapped a few keys.

Another Ensign, a male human, looked her up and down before speaking. "I believe you'll find everything in order, Commander." He said this, then noted the expression on his department head's face, and wished he had kept his mouth shut...and his eyes to himself.

"Oh, do you?" Green said sternly. "Ensign, do you have any idea, any idea at all, how often I've heard that from subordinates, and then I find that everything is NOT in order?"

He swallowed hard. ", Sir."

Green continued to transfix the man with her gaze, thinking to herself that that was not a very brilliant response to her question. If he used it one more time, she thought sarcastically, he would make a very good impression. "Relax, Ensign," said Green, her eyes relaxing and a grin forming. "It was a test. Let's leave the determination of readiness to me, shall we?" Digging into her pocket she produced a rectangular black object, holding it up so they could see it was some form of electronics. "Do you know what this is?" She looked to all the faces.

The woman at the console piped right up. "That is a hand comm, or flip-top, as they called them back in the day."

"Good on you, Ensign," Green remarked, winking at the gal which made her giggle. "That's right, it's a hand held communicator. All of you will carry one on your person at all times. In a pocket, on your roving patrol belt, wherever. The combadge is nice and convenient, but what happens if it gets damaged or you lose it? Yep, you got it, you're shit outta luck. With these they can take a beating, are weather resistant, and their range is farther than the combadge. Make it happen. Anyone caught without one will receive a demerit." Looking around at the brig cells and this compartment, she then looked to her people again.

"I want the force fields checked and maintained. Roving patrol teams on each shift are to check all the internal sensor nodes and emergency forcefields around the ship." Ordered Green. "If this department can't handle it then call engineering or operations and have people assigned to assist. Do not, under any circumstances, try to maintain it yourself if you have any doubts, am I clear?"

Ro received the 'yes, sir' from each member now present.

"Good," stated Ro. "As for the rest, we'll cover things as we go along. Being a new ship the Tigris needs us at our best, and the Captain deserves that as well. Even if you hate your CO, it should never affect your performance. Thank you for your time, carry on." Green turned and walked towards her office, the door sliding open at her presence.

"Commander?" The male ensign who seemed not too bright. "You said it was a test. How did I do?"

Green stopped in her doorway, hand on the doorjamb as she half turned to look back. "You failed," she said, then went inside and locked the door open that led to the brig area. The other that led to the corridor she left closed as she sat down behind her desk. As with any department, it was high time to work out schedules according to personal files, needing the right sorts for each shift; Alpha, Beta and Gamma.



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