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Not again.

Posted on Tue Jun 14, 2016 @ 3:41pm by Captain Joseph Boston & Civilian Jonas Marsh

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: USS Tigris, Captian's Ready Room

Jonas sat behind the Captain's desk with his feet up on it. “So tell me... which one of you are Moe, which one is Larry, and which one is Carly?”

The three security personnel looked at each other and then back at Jonas.

“Right I forgot, you cannot speak unless someone shoves their hand up your...” Jonas started too speak as the doors to the Ready Room opened.

Joe was not expecting anyone in his ready room at this time. He thought he might have walked in to another room at first.

All three security personnel stood at attention as Captain Boston walked in.

"Is there some sort of problem gentlemen?" Joe asked as politely as he could.

“Yeah sir... see there's a problem with that.” One stated as he pointed to Jonas and handed a PADD to Captain Boston.

Joe looked at the PADD and then looked over at Jonas Marsh. "You have got to be kidding me?!" Joe said exasperated.

“I would recommend spacing him once you leave the station.” The guard stated as he jerked his head towards the door and they all left.

Joe waited till the door closed. "It took three guards this time?"

A smirk came across Jonas' face as he put his hands back behind his head. “What can I say I'm moving up on the wanted list.”

Joe shook his head. "I can't believe we're having this discussion again, Jonas." Joe shook his head. "Why did you steal a ship? You were a free man and you steal a ship?"

“It was mine before it was Starfleet's.” Jonas replied flatly. “I'm not going to have some snot nose Starfleet engineer running his dirty hands scanning all over the Hotaru!”

"I have a funny feeling on some cosmic level I'm being punished." Joe said to no one in particular. "Just explain to me how your punishment is being assigned to this ship again?!"

Jonas stood up and made his way towards Boston. “You and me both...” Jonas said as he pulled the PADD away from him and scanned it with a whistle. “Starfleet sure does love to write their reports.” Jonas said as he tossed the PADD on the desk and used the code he saw on the PADD to unlock the crate on the floor. “But at least this time I came baring gifts...” Jonas stated as he rummaged through the create as he pulling out his disruptor and two bottles of Earth Scotch. He stood up and turned to Boston almost wounding which on he should give him.

Joe snorted. "These gifts, were they stolen or bought?"

Jonas put the bottles over his chest. “Joe, I am hurt. After all we've been through, you believe I am nothing more then a common criminal.” Jonas said with a shocked expression on his face.

Joe smiled and grabbed two glasses from a hidden storage compartment beside his desk. "Know thy enemy" Joe said as he handed Jonas the glasses.

Jonas strapped his holster back around his waist before plopping on the couch. “Truer words were never spoken.” Jonas stated as he laid down on the couch and put the glass on his forehead.

Joe took a drink. "That is good." He took another drink and then looked at Jonas. "What happened?"

“Joe...” Jonas let out a small grunt. “There has been a Commander running a side business out of the station the Tigris was docked at. I ran a few things for him from time to time, but as of late he has been getting full of himself believing he could not get caught. Turns out he has a eye out for a pretty junior officer.” Jonas chuckled himself. “As do I, but she fly's straighter than you... she would not have anything to do him and even threatened to tell his wife about his advances toward her. Well, it just so happened someone was investigating the missing and items and the poor record keeping so he decided to setup the little lady... I could not sit back and not do anything, besides turns out this wasn't the first time he had eyes for another lady and once his wife was more then willing to help the cause.”

Joe was surprised by his actions. "So the Commander didn't like that you were messing with his side business. Just how did you convince the wife?"

The smirk on Jonas' face grew. “Well like I said, it turns out this wasn't his first time he had eyes for another lady. Turns out she has already caught him a time or two, I don't think she is firing on all thrusters if she stuck around after the first one...” Jonas stated with a concern look on his face. “Oh but, the look on the commander's face when he saw us in bed together... that was a holo moment right there.” Jonas stated as he laid back on the couch. “He had more connection then I give him credit for. He was able to plant a few of the missing items on the Hotaru forcing Starfleet to impound her.”

Joe was now concerned. "Jonas please tell me you figured out a way to have that Commander arrested and that poor girl's career saved?”

Jonas shot Joe a stern look. “Anymore evidence and I would have to gift wrap it for security. Even a deaf Ferengi could hear it. She'll be find and wants to repay me for my effort... Though I doubt we have the same reward in mind.” Jonas said with a small chuckle.

Joe groaned. "Money, glory, and women is that all you think about?"

“Well what else is there?” Jonas stated with a small chuckle as he sat up on the couch and tossed the glass towards Joe. “I think about my ship too.” Jonas added as he stood up. “Which is currently hiding out in the rings. Think you can swing this bucket that way so I can pick her up? I know a Lady that would be happy to see you.” Jonas said with a small wink. “Just the way you like them.”

Joe laughed. "I think I like them with a lot less hair. Now that we're done at Pluto we can head anywhere." Joe tapped his comm badge. "Helm set course for Saturn."

"Aye sir. Now heading to Saturn." She replied over the comm.

Joe looked at Jonas and finished his drink. "I will say this I am glad your back."

Jonas made his way towards the door and stopped and looked back at Joe. “Remember that in a few days time when you're yelling at for some reason or another.” Jonas stated with a smirk then followed it with a nod towards Joe. “Thanks Captain, for everything.” Jonas stated as he uncomfortably slapped his hand on the side of the door frame and nodded again before exiting the Ready Room.

Joe watched Jonas leave and shook his head. It was a pleasant conversation this time. Joe knew it would be too soon that they be butting heads. Joe looked at the now almost empty bottle and wondered if that was why Jonas T Marsh was so pleasant.


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