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The Resident Civilian

Posted on Mon Jun 6, 2016 @ 5:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Civilian Jonas Marsh & Liam O'Reilly, Aft'R Hours Lounge Bartender

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: Aft'R Hours Lounge - Deck 3
Timeline: 0115 hours - MD 6


Nikki tossed and turned but sleep wasn't happening. Her brain wouldn't shut off. So she finally threw off the covers and got out of bed. Going into the living room of her quarters she went over to the replicator but she noticed that the red light wasn't on, indicating the replicator was offline. With a sigh, she went back to her bedroom and dressed in jeans and a tank top then slipped on her moccasins and a gauzy blouse which she tied at the waist then headed out her door. A few minutes later she walked through the doors of the Aft Lounge...appropriately named the Aft'R Hours...and walked over to the bar, noticing that she was the only person there besides the bartender.

"What's your pleasure, lass?" Liam asked.

"Something guaranteed to shut my brain off so I can get some sleep," Nikki answered.

"I know just the thing," Liam said and set about mixing a concoction. When he was finished, he brought the glass over and set it on the bar. "This recipe has been handed down through 20 generations of O'Reillys and it has the Leprechauns' stamp of approval."

Nikki picked up the glass and sniffed at it then took a tentative sip. Surprised that it actually tasted sweet, she smiled and said, "thank you." Taking the glass she walked over to the large window and stood looking out at the activity surrounding the station as she sipped at her drink. She was so enthralled with the view that she didn't hear the sound of the lounge doors opening and someone coming in.

“B.T.!” Jonas shouted as he entered the lounge carrying a crate of what was clearly bottles clinking around. “That shipment of Rom... rum came in.” Jonas quickly caught himself and saw that they were not alone as he set the crate down at the end of the bar.

Startled, Nikki whirled around, spilling her drink. "Damn!" she swore, brushing excess liquid from the front of her shirt. She glared at the man. "Do you always enter a place like a trumpeting bull elephant?" she asked walking over to the bar and placing her, now, empty glass on it.

Jonas shot Nikki a confused look as she walked towards him. “Hey…” Jonas started to reply but then stopped himself because he was not sure if he understood what an elephant was. “Are those the creatures on Earth with the tails on their faces?” He asked.

"I'll get you another, lass," Liam said to Nikki with a smile. As he picked up the empty glass he looked at Jonas and smirked. "Aye, laddie. Those be the ones. Huge animals...humongous ears..." He set the glass in the sink and made a frame with his hands. Looking at Jonas through it he said, "aye....I can see the resemblance." Chuckling he proceeded to mix Nikki's drink.

“You want that next create or not...” Jonas said with a sly voice as he smirked at the bartender. He look at Nikki and then back at the bartender. “I do not know what is worse, being called an elephant or a Ferengi.” Jonas stated as the bartender set down green drink that he pourd from under the bar and gave Jonas a small wink.

Nikki couldn't help but giggle. "I take it you're not from Earth," she said, drying her hand off on her jeans and extending it to Jonas. "I'm Nikki Beckett," she said, introducing herself with a smile.

“Nope, that is one planet I tend to stay away from.” Jonas said with a smirk just before he took a drink from the glass. “Name's, Marsh hun. J.T. Marsh. Always a pleasure to meet the females onboard.” Jonas turned to take her gently and his holstered disrupter was visible on his right thigh. “What brings a officer of you rank down here to lower levels at this time of night? Woman could be mugged... or worse.” Jonas said with a smirk just before downing the rest of the drink.

Nikki chuckled. "Mugged. Right. Couldn't sleep," she said, taking a sip of her replaced drink. "I think the bigger question is what are you doing on a Starfleet ship?" she said, quirking an eyebrow, curiously.

"JT is our resident pirate," Liam chuckled as he refills Marsh's glass. "Watch your wallet and your heart, lass," he said with a wink. "He'll steal 'em both when you ain't lookin'."

Jonas held the glass up to thank the man. “A pirate... right. You end up stealing one ship and you get labeled a pirate... if you forcefully commandeer two or more ships, they call you Admiral and pin a medal on your chest.” Jonas stated in a flat tone as he quickly took a drink from the glass. “In my defense.” Jonas said as he looked at Nikki. “It was my own ship I stole back. It just so happened it was in a Starfleet impound yard.”

"Ahh," Nikki said, with a nod.

Jonas set this glass down and stared down at the bar top. “Lets just say even the mighty Starfleet has its faults and they do not like it when you point them out. As for this ship... I like to think of it more as transferable penal colony and old Joe up there drew the short straw.” Jonas stated with a smirk.

Leaning her elbow on the bar she turned on the bar stool so she was facing Jonas and said, "So tell did your ship end up getting impounded?" Then she took a sip of her drink.

“Shame on you Commander... you should know better then asking someone to comment on a on going investigation on how Admiral setup up a lonely Lieutenant for smuggling because she declined his advances...” Jonas said as he was cut off by O'Reilly.

“So that be how you be telling it now, first time he was an Captain now he is an Admiral. Come now lad, you forgot how you first slept with his wife and the commander held a grudge," Liam said.

Nikki choked on a sip of her drink and laughed. "You slept with a Commander's wife? So you're a thief and a scoundrel. Good to know," she said with a smirk. "And how did you know I was a Commander?" she asked, since she was in civvies.

“Thief is to harsh of a word. I like to think of myself more as a procurement specialist.” Jonas with a small lopsided smirk. “As for your rank... a simple deduction. See in Starfleet most department heads are Lieutenant Commander on board a vessel or Commander on a installation. After deducting the old department heads are no longer on board I figured you are ether a new department head or the XO. So by simply calling you Commander, I cover two ranks and improve my odds of being correct.” Jonas stated matter of factly as he gave Nikki a small wink before finishing his drink. “Then again I could be totally wrong and look like a idiot. But ether way I need to get going, I have a Lady that needs tending too and she hates it when I keep her waiting.” Jonas said as he tapped the bar top turned to walk away.

"You always have a lady that needs tending to," Liam chuckled, shaking his head as he picked up Jonas's empty glass.

Nikki couldn't help but laugh. "Well was nice meeting you," she said. "Next time the drinks are on me," and she raised her glass in salute.



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