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Pluto Testing Grounds

Posted on Thu Jun 9, 2016 @ 5:47am by Lieutenant Commander Rogue "Ro" Green & Lieutenant Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Captain Joseph Boston & Lieutenant Commander David Skii & Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: USS Tigris
Timeline: Current


The Tigris came out of warp with a flash. It headed on impulse power to the planet Pluto. There she would run threw some tests and as long as ship and crew passed with flying colors they would continue on.

Joe hit his button for shipwide communication. "All hands this is the Captain. We have arrived at Pluto and will be contacting them for our test runs. For those of you who are too young to remember or if your making your first trip here, Pluto was actually an outpost during the Dominion War." Joe paused to let it sink in. "Today it is used as Starfleets testing site. Stay sharp and let's past these few tests and get back to work. Boston out."

"An outpost that took on more importance after Earth got bombarded by the Breen and the Dominion counter offensive that took Betazed," Alister said sitting in the XO's chair to Joe. "Here's hoping that the shipyards put everything back together correctly."

Joe turned to Alister. "Yes let's hope so. They have had a few years to get it right now."

Keeping his eyes on the status board, Byrnes saw all systems finally in the positive. "Cap'm, all systems ready. Warp core is purring like a kitten, so we can handle whatever they throw at us."

Taavis turned her head slightly at the mention of a kitten, the barest of grins curving up one corner of her mouth. It disappeared quickly as she spoke. "Sensors are active, Captain. Main deflector is operating at 100% efficiency." She paused but a moment. "The Science department will see to increasing that percentage."

"Captain, Pluto outpost now hailing on audio only. On speakers." Green tapped the communications keys, bringing it up. "You're on, Sir."

=^= Pluto station to USS Tigris, we welcome you and wonder if ship and crew are ready for a quick test run? =^= The male controller asked with an accent.

"This is Tigris, ship and crew are ready." Joe stated eager to get things going.

=^= Affirmative Tigris, please head on over to these coordinates, power down phasers to .05 percent and load all torpedoed with simulated rounds. Hold on to your seats we've prepared some simulated combat for you. Pluto station out. =^=

Receiving the data from the outpost, Green then relayed that to her CO. "Coordinates received and transferred to flight control."

"Commander Green, load the simulated torpedoed and power down phaser banks." Joe said.

Tapping her tactical console all over, setting power levels for phasers and ordering dud torps, Green finished and nodded to the Captain while he spoke to others.

Taavis read the coordinates, then announced, "Captain, those coordinates take us out to the moon Charon. Advise caution in simulation, since they could have an orbital weapons platform on the surface."

"Well let's see what they have in store for us." Joe said. "Helm let's go."


Nikki heard the Captain's announcement of their arrival at the Pluto Testing Grounds and she came out of her office. "OK, everyone...listen up," she called out. When her staff had gathered around the nurses' station, she said, "I have no idea what kind of drills the Captain is going to put us through but I want us to be prepared for anything. If we go to Yellow Alert I want Richard to take charge of the medical corpsmen and junior nurses." She looked at Richard. "Assign all even numbered decks to each and make sure they have a medkit. The emergency transporter on Deck 9 will be available for our use." She looked at Mac and said, "Mac you will be in charge of Triage and biobeds 1-6 will be for Triage only. All treatment will be done on 7-12. Remember...even though these are drills we treat the patients from start to short cuts. From the time a patient arrives in our Sickbay we will be timed and recorded. I know for many of us it is our first time working together and I don't expect perfection. This time. But we are all professionals and know our jobs so I believe we will shine. OK?" The response from her staff was a unanimous yes and then they all scattered, checking their supplies, setting up trauma trays and taking their positions. When the Captain called for a readiness report, Medical would be one of the first to respond. They were ready.


"We have arrived at the site, Captain." The Helmsman said.

Joe could tell the crew was excited and anxious. He decided to reassure them and said. "You all have been trained well. Relax and have fun with this. Let's pass with flying colors. Anything on seniors?"

"Nothing, Sir," responded Taavis. "It is too quiet." She did not feel this was the time to mention her dual heritage; namely her Romulan side and their very unique tactics of hide, seek, then pummel.

The crew had been waiting for what seemed like forever. Joe knew it had not been that long. He got up from his chair and walked over to the helm and operations station. "Mr Skii how long have we been on station?"

David looked at the chronometer. "32 minutes Captain. I wonder if they forgot about us."

"Ro send a message to the outpost." Joe said to his Tactical Officer. "Let them know we're still here."

Acknowledging the order, Green went to do as instructed.

"Ship decloaking!" Taavis said, informing the bridge. "Starboard side, forward."

"Decloaking?" Joe said confused. "That's a first." He nodded to Alister.

"Red Alert, raise shields, charge the phaser banks, and load torpedoes," Alister said nodding back to the Captain, "Give me a read on the ship, I want to know who we're dealing with."

Green tapped keys and brought up weapons and defense. "Shields up and weapons online, Captain."


The klaxon sounded and red light bars began to pulsate. "OK....THIS IS IT!" Mac yelled. Staff scattered. Four minutes later calls began coming in from Richard's team as they took their positions 19 of the Tigris's 24 decks. Nikki stood in the center of the Main Suite of Sickbay and tapped her combadge. "Beckett to Bridge....Medical is ready and standing by," she reported and checked the time display over the nurses' station. "Six minutes, guys," she announced. "Good job."


"Medical reports ready and standing by, Captain," the ensign manning the secondary communications console reported. A few seconds later she said, "Marines are standing by."

Joe was impressed, it did not take the crew long to get to battle stations.

"Fighter Wing reports pilots are in their fighters and standing by," the ensign announced.

"Hold off the fighters, for the moment let's keep them in reserve," Alister said with a nod toward the Ensign.

"Let's follow the rules everyone, open hailing frequencies." Joe ordered. "Helm come to starboard let's face the target."

Green acknowledged the order and made it happen, informing the Captain.

"Coming about to Starboard Captain." The Helm replied.

The ship finished decloaking, moving slowly to the Tigris. The ship was about a quarter of the size of the Tigris. It looked like a red and silver "T" with a rounded half saucer front and 4 warp nacelles attached to the back.

"No response to hails, Captain," informed Green.

Taavis, her voice steady. "No life signs, Sir. The smaller vessel does have a warp core...they are returning scans. Their weapons and defenses are powering up!"

Suddenly a blue phaser shot out at the Tigris hitting her shields. Then three blue photon torpedoes speed toward the ship hitting the Tigris's forward shields.

Ro held firm to her console as she reported. "Forward shields down to 89%. They pack a punch, Captain."

"Ok time not to play nice." Joe said. "Return fire. Helm evasive maneuvers."

Green set her feet and set the phasers and torpedoes. Targeting the smaller ship's warp nacelles she tapped the keys and saw her own amber-gold phaser fire lance out, striking several times. The torpedoes she had set for rapid fire, and four bright red rubies of mass destruction plowed into the enemy shields. "They must have a backup shield system, Captain. We've done damage, but not enough to disable them."

The crew could see the ship turn away from the Tigris. It fired its blue aft phaser and a torpedoed and quickly accelerated away.

"Fore shields holding, Captain," stated Green.

"Captain," said Taavis. "It would appear that our antagonist is heading for the moon. If they get behind it they will be in a sensor shadow, and all phaser locks will be inoperative unless we pursue."

"Helm, pursuit course. Tactical target warp drive and engines continue firing." Joe ordered.

"Aye sir." The helmsman said as she pushed buttons.

Green had a lock on the port warp nacelle of the enemy. Several of her phaser strikes were dead on, but the enemy shields once again held. "Enemy shields still a deterrent...and now they are out of phaser range."

Byrnes was reading status monitors all over his engineering station, tapping keys here and there. "Captain, I've taken from aux power for both shields and maneuvering thrusters. Engineering will spike both the impulse drives and the warp core for a bit more speed and phaser power. An increase of 8%, but I dare not push it further until I get to know this girl better."

Having not received any injured crew yet, Sickbay, although ready, was quiet. Curious as to what was going on, Nikki left Sickbay and headed for the Bridge. She stepped through the turbolift door and moved to the side, against the wall and out of the way, while looking around at the activity.

"Captain, there is a magnetic field emanating from the moon," informed Taavis. "Evidence suggests that the enemy is trying to use it to elude pursuit."

Joe nodded. "Helm get us back into weapons range. We have to slow it down."

The drone quickly passed over the moon with the Tigris in pursuit. Suddenly two more drones decloaked behind the Tigris. As soon as they could both ships opened fired with a barrage of blue phaser and torpedo fire.

"Captain, two more ships decloaking behind us!" David said loud enough to warn everyone.

The ship lurched from the aft strikes, and it took all Green had to hang onto her safety handles and maintain standing. Once the shaking died down she tapped keys for data. "Aft shields down 50%, Captain! Returning fire!" Setting the phasers to auto fire, and finding both targets, Green tapped the fire key. As the emitters pummeled the enemy vessels behind them she loaded another four torpedo barrage into the aft tube. "Aft torpedoes standing by, two for each!"

Nikki grabbed hold of the edge of a console and fought to keep her balance.

"Commander Green fire at will!" Joe ordered. "Helm Omega beta pattern."

With the phasers auto-firing while she dealt with the torps, and hearing the order, Ro fired the torpedoes, and speaking more to herself than anyone else she said out loud, "Eat that you bastards." The crimson torpedoes shot out and slammed into the forward shields of the two drones, two torps for each ship. This had the effect of rendering their shields almost non-existent what with all the phaser hits. Both the aft drones appeared to be severely damaged.

"Nice work Commander." Joe replied. "Now where's that last ship?"

Taavis looked up at her CO. "The forward drone is turning and making an attack run, Captain."

"Quantum torpedos, fire." Joe said

Ro heard the order, taking the time to change out the torpedo type, then when she was prompted that they were loaded Green pressed the fire key and four blue-white torpedoes raced out ahead of Tigris, slamming full on into the drone's shields, dropping them with overloads across the tactical sensor board. The drone's impulse drive and warp core were offline. "Captain, the forward drone is essentially dead in the water." Adding a grin and a wink at Captain Boston.

Byrnes sighed, a pseudo-frustration behind it. "Figures. All the fun is over before I got to voice an idea." He gave a shrug and a smile. "Save it for next time, I guess."

"Captain....a report of damage in Shuttlebay 2," the communication's officer announced. "A shuttle's strut buckled and a docking clamp came loose. The shuttle is on its side."

Nikki turned and looked at the ensign. "Any injuries?" she asked.

"Only minor ones," the ensign replied.

Waving over a replacement, Byrnes stood up. "I'll head down and see to that, Captain. With your permission?"

"Permission granted." Joe replied without hesitation. "Give me a report when you get back."

"I'll go with you," Nikki said and tapped her combadge. "Beckett to Sickbay...have a corpsman meet me in Shuttlebay 2 with a field kit," she said and headed for the turbolift door.

"Pluto station is hailing us, Captain," informed Green.

"Open the channel." Joe replied to Ro. After she nodded In his direction he replied. "Pluto station this is Tigris, go ahead."

=^= Congratulations Captain and crew." Came a cheerful male voice from the speaker. "You have passed with flying colors. We figured we would throw you the surprise of cloaked ships. =^=

Joe smiled. "It was a surprise indeed."

=^= Tigris you are cleared for duty. Safe Travels, Pluto station out. =^=

Joe smiled. "Helm take us out of the training area, warp two."

With that order the Tigris powered up her warp drive and in a flash was off.



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