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[ UNTITLED ] by Lieutenant Commander Alister McKeon & Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green

Posted on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: Intel Office
Timeline: Current

Alister glanced up from the PADD in his hands as Katrina walked into his office sitting herself in one of the comfortable chairs in front of his wood desk, "Got something for me," he asked putting the PADD down in front of him.

"Our new CSO just reported aboard," she replied crossing her legs, "Thought our 'acting XO' would like to take the time to welcome her aboard?"

Alister sighed closing his eyes as he nodded, "You're correct as always." He pushed the PADD he had been working on across his desk, "Can you handle getting us our latest classified downloads. I believe their might be some sore feelings from last night's game."

Katrina chuckled, "I'll work on soothing feelings." She pushed over another PADD, "Our new CSOs file."

Alister nodded his head, "Thanks." He pulled up the file and started to read while tapping his comm-badge =^=Lieutenant Commander Green, this is Lieutenant Commander McKeon, acting XO, can you report to me in the Intel Office.=^=

Still seething from her confrontation with Commander Skii, now sitting in her office, Green heard the summons. She angled her head slightly upward. "On my way, Sir." Getting up and straightening her uniform, Ro left her office and Security, going to Intel. Upon entering she spotted the office of the chief, and went over, tapping the chime. When told to enter she came inside. "Lieutenant Commander Ro Green, Sir. You wanted to see me?" She made no move to sit down.

"Please, sit down," Alister said waving to one of the seats in front of his desk, "Since someone in Starfleet Command has a horrible sense of humor, I've been named the acting XO for the ship." He got up and moved to the replicator, "Can I get you anything?"

"Thank you," said Green, when he offered a chair, which she sat down in. When he asked about the replicator, "No thank you, Sir. Been running on an overabundance of coffee, I'm good."

"Yes, I heard of the issues down in Engineering," Alister said returning to his seat with a cup of coffee for himself, "Also it's Alister, I'm only the acting XO, when Lieutenant Commander Tybek returns, I'll be back to be a Department Head."

"Very well, Alister." Green relaxed into the chair, but not too much. "I go by Ro. As for engineering, we'll get to the bottom of it, as always. I haven't even had time to relax into my department, with this coming up. No rest for the wicked, they say."

"Consider it good practice if everything hits the fan," Alister said shrugging his shoulders slightly, "If their is anything my department can do to assist let me know, you'll have my full support if you have to step on any toes. Most of the department heads are new to their positions, while I would prefer unhurt feelings, I do understand that sometimes heads have to be cracked together to get a job done."

Green gave a nod. "I agree. And, since we're talking on the level of inter-department stuff, I have an idea. As Security we are the law enforcement for the ship, as much as tactical. I am not opposed to a bit of cross-training, Commander. We will take in some of your people on certain shifts, you do the same with ours, so we can meet on the same page when emergencies do occur. Having security personnel who can recognize important intel while say, boarding a ship, would be beneficial for you. On the flip-side, having an Intel officer who can back me up when we are boarded, or on an away mission, who knows the security protocols, would be just as invaluable." Ro stopped, letting him consider the idea.

Alister paused mulling over the idea in his head, "I can provide a number of people that have experience and training in combat operations, and would be happy to put a briefing together for your people on what to look for, but a full cross-training, I'm not sure of." He took a sip of his coffee, "Most of your Security people would lack the clearance for our work, or have not been read into certain programs. I have some leeway on giving need to know access but, something of this order would have to be taken up with Sector Intelligence, if not HQ." He gave a shake of his head, "I will think on the issue more, and let you know what I come up with."

Rogue held up a hand, sitting forward with a grin. "Whoa, Commander. I didn't mean in-depth stuff, just the basics. My people have enough to do on a daily basis without trying to figure out Intel too. I will teach your people Security protocols only, and you teach my people how to better understand that any mention of an outside government or faction in the performance of their duties, needs to be brought to your attention. Nothing more."

"Okay, that's no problem," Alister said nodding his head in agreement, "It'll be a little more than that from my side, I don't need to know about every mention, but I can give them a few pointers on what to look for, maybe even a brief overview on some of the more common traits the different organizations have. As for Security training, I can provide a few people that have experience in Intelligence Operations branch. They'll be quicker to go to weapons than a Security officer would, but they're well trained with those weapons."

"Brilliant," said Green, standing up. "We'll work out details as we go. I am going to go relax and then jump all over getting security ran my way, tomorrow. Have a good evening, Commander." Ro turned around and left the office.

Shaking hands with Ro, Alister gave a nod of his head, "Enjoy your evening, I have a pile of diplomatic corps reports to read."


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