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MAKING HOME, HOME...FINALLY by Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green

Posted on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: quarters
Timeline: Current


After leaving her meeting with the Captain over the Skii situation, Green went straight to her quarters, and once inside and the doors closed behind her she went straight to her bathroom. Setting her jacuzzi tub for depth, temp, suds and bath oils Ro stepped into the shower stall, setting for sonic not water. The field ran over her clothed form several times, not only completely cleaning the body, but all else as well, of any particulates listed as waste within its memory. Once that finished she stepped out and stripped down, folding the now clean items to put back on. The tub was full and a steady cloud of steam was rising up out of the inch thick suds. Timidly stepping into the hot water, Green grabbed a hand towel and folded it in thirds then placed it at one end of the tub lip, to lean her head back on while relaxing back in a lounge position. Easing ehrself into the hot water so as not to burn anything, she finally settled back.

"Computer." Stated Green. "Play Guns N' Roses; Patience. Followed by Godsmack; Serenity. Repeat in circle."

The computer acknowledged and the music began to play, with Ro telling the computer to raise volume until it was just right. After twenty minutes of soaking and relaxing to not only a hot bath but to mellow music, Green began to drain her tub, getting out and stepping into the shower to rinse off. Done with that she went about getting her bag unpacked and stowed away, air drying her skin instead of scraping it up with a towel. With everything put away and her skin dry, Green went and put her uniform back on, the black boyshort panties and sports bra underneath. Taking her blouse out to her office space chair, she hung it over the back for easy access if she needed to meet with Skii or others. Going to the replicator she ordered up a mug of Earl Grey tea, with honey and lemon added, hot. The beverage appeared befre her on the pad, so she took it up, blowing on the surface of the tea as she spun to walk back to the couch. She set the mug on the table, seeing the Starfleet logo on the white mug, and below it USS Tigris NCC-78600. Replicated porcelain, so she decided to keep this first one made in her personal replicator as a momento once she finished her tea.

Laying back into a corner of her couch Ro put her legs up and crossed them at the ankles on her coffee table. Operations had done well in getting her foot rest coffee installed that she had asked for, a soft-covered edge around the whole table. Setting her tea on the end table, knowing she needed a nap, Green let it take hold, setting an alarm with the computer for two hours.



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