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COMING CLEAN by Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Captain Joe Boston

Posted on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Captain Joseph Boston
Edited on on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:50pm

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current


Once Green had left the Aft'R Hours, she then turned and went straight into a lift. In the lift she raised an arm and smelled her armpit. "Damn, I stink." She said to herself. Ordering it to the bridge, she stepped out, seeing the Captain in his chair. Approaching the CO, looking down, Ro spoke. "Captain, can I see you in your ready room?"

Joe raised his eye brows. "I hope it's nothing serious." Joe got up from his chair and he led Ro into his ready room. After the doors closed he asked. "What can I do for you?"

Green cleared her throat and stood tall before her CO. "There will most likely be reports from doctors and nurses about myself and Commander Skii having a shouting match in sickbay. Things were said by me that got misconstrued by Skii. I left sickbay as per the CMO's request, and Skii followed. We ended up having lunch together and worked it out. Just wanted you to know before the reports came in and you needed to ask for details."

"So you had a disagreement but worked it out?" Joe asked a tad confused.

"Yes, Sir." Ro responded. "I have enlisted Skii's aid in talking to the base engineers, since he knows them. He has an idea as to who was responsible for the coolant leak. I am going to burn through internal sensor logs on my end."

Joe nodded. "Personalities will clash from time to time. Sometimes there are arguments over silly subjects. When you get people who are passionate about something, sometimes saying or doing something may set them off. Especially when there's a deadline." Joe took a PADD and handed it to her. "We need to get the investigation wrapped up soon. Starfleet wants is out, do a short shake down, then get back out on patrol."

"Captain, we no longer need to remain in spacedock," explained Green. "The party responsible and in question is already off the ship, if all our leads and gut feelings are correct. I can wrap it up and send a full report to the civilian spacedock admin once we know all the facts."

"Think you and Skii can get things wrapped up in two days?" Joe asked then added with a smile. "Without killing each other?"

Green giggled. "Yes, Sir. I am deputizing him, in a manner of speaking. We're good now. I just thought you deserved to know first hand, not in a report. And, despite Skii not knowing I'm here, I would like this to be from both of us."

"Noted." Joe said the asked. "Is there anything else, Commander?"

Green shook her head. "No, Sir. Thank you for your time." Ro waited to see him give the nod of dismissal, and when done she turned and walked out, tapping her comm badge as she stepped into the lift. "Commander Skii, we have two days to wrap up the engineering investigation. If not, then we'll be sending reports from the Tigris after she leaves spacedock. Green out." The lift carried her from the command deck.

Joe shook his head, theres always problems with crew members. You bring different races and personalities on one ship sooner or later people butt heads. Eventually you learn to work together. One day the person you hate may save your life. That is what being part of a ship does to you, make you all family.



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