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ALL READY IN ENGINEERING by Lieutenant Commander David Skii & Lieutenant Sean Byrnes

Posted on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Lieutenant Commander David Skii
Edited on on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:49pm

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current


David Skii felt good about getting back to engineering. He was eager to meet the man that was taking his place. It wasn't that he didn't like watching over two departments, he had his own work to do and his department to run.

David called out. " Is there a Lieutenant Byrnes in the house?"

Byrnes, standing at the main center console, or 'pool table' as engineers liked to call it, looked over toward the entrance. "If you're Security, I didn't do it. If you're the new CEO, we're fixing what is broke. If you're an Operations officer, we could use a hand with power issues on deck 8. Had to go and save all those pretty nurses and doctors from a lights out situation, which is still plaguing us." He stepped around the pool table, extending his hand, smiling. "Pay no mind to my eccentric side. Sean Byrnes, Commander. How can I help ya?"

David cocked his head slightly while sizing up the new engineer. David figured he had a quick wit about him but so far couldn't tell anything else about him. "I'm gone for an hour and there's a problem with the electrical grid?"

"There's a problem in that whole deck," sighed out Byrnes. He waved Skii to follow, and they both bellied up to the pool table. He pointed to all the red sections highlighted on the schematic. "The thermal reaction grid was fried due to the overload. It tried to compensate for the bypass that was ran for the coolant, then gave out. Lieutenant Graf has an idea for that, and he is now implementing a new bypass system on deck 8. Seems that with medical needing so much power for the labs and such, and with the upgrades to the enviro cooling, certain steps were altered enough to bring about massive issues. As it is, right now, we've established auxiliary power to the deck, but before that they were running on emergency power. The Doc was concerned about the refrigeration for the labs, so we needed to expedite a power source." He looked over at the visiting Commander, seeing the eyes scanning the readouts. "My gold monkeys have been crawling through this entire ship, one deck at a time, checking on this upgraded enviro cooling system. We've found a few glitches, fixed them, then moved on. When this is all behind us I'll be using up all my credits to buy them all drinks."

David looked everything over and was pissed. "Forgive me for not introducing myself, Lieutenant Commander David Skii. Chief Operations Officer. Has the Captain been notified on any of this?"

"As far as I know, the Cap'm knows." Said Byrnes. "I've filed reports through the proper channels, and have given updates for what is what. We can leave spacedock when ready, all this being things we can maintain and repair while out."

"I think it's safe to say that the yard workers installed a couple of faulty lines." David said. "I just had a funny feeling these guys didn't know what they were doing. What do you say we get them off our ship?" David said turning to Sean.

Byrnes grinned as he turned slightly to face Skii. "Easier said than done, Commander. My first five years in the fleet was at Utopia Planetia, this being my first assignment on a starship. Politics plays a hella role in keeping people where they are." He gave an offhand motion to the schematics. "It's not that they didn't know what they were doing as much as they used the plans for when the Sovereign first came on line. There have been upgrades since then, and refits, which I don't think they took into consideration."

David smiled. "If you want just give Captain Boston the word and we will patch things up on our own. So what works, what's broken, and what needs replaced?" David asked.

"Yeah...yeah," said Byrnes, kind of in a sheepish way, matched by a sheepish grin. "I haven't had the pleasure of meeting with the Cap'm. I came aboard, got down here, and then the list of problems started. I am working my people on ten hour shifts to make sure when the Skipper calls, we're ready." Regarding Skii's question, Sean again motioned to the ship diagram. "Everything works, the thermal control lines are a bit off spec, and we're making an effort to correct the glitches. I'm glad Commander Green figured out her investigation and we have now repaired the coolant line. Which, honestly, shouldn't be down here anyway. This is WARP engineering, not impulse. Those lines were a throwback down here from the Constitution class, original and refit."

"Some contractor just grabbed pipe off the shelf and installed it." David guessed. "Did not bother to look and check first."

In regards to the piping, Sean spoke about that first. "As we go I'll make that a backup system down here...a bypass."

"How can my department help, Lieutenant?" David asked.

"Well, Operations is another engineering body, with more focus on resource allocation." Said Byrnes. "If you got people with an understanding of EPS conduits, I'm sure deck 8 could use a few replacements. If you can have 'em do that then it will free up more of my people to check the EPS manifolds in each section."

"We absolutely do, I will lead the team personally." David replied and then looked around. "I'm glad your here but I will miss this place. You will need things from me from time to time right?" David said with a smile.

Sean gave a nod and a grin. "I surely will."

David handed him a PADD he had been holding. "Here is the engineering PADD. It's everything we have been up to and what other modifications that other engineers have done with Tigris. Keep the engines running Lieutenant." David said finally turning over engineering to its rightful owner.

Taking the PADD, Byrnes held it in his left hand.

"I stand relieved of engineering. Now Lieutenant if you like to pull your people out I'll put mine in on deck 8."

"You are relieved," stated Byrnes. "My apostles will be up there with the manifiolds, but the EPS conduits are all you, Commander. Deck 8 is counting on US now."

David smiled. "It will be good as new." With a nod of his head to Sean he walked out of engineering headed for deck 8.

Sean watched the Commander leave, then shook his head with a grin as he turned back to his main console podium. Tigris was in good hands with this bunch in gold.



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