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ROUND 2 by Lieutenant Commander David Skii & Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green

Posted on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Lieutenant Commander David Skii
Edited on on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:49pm

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: Outside of sick bay
Timeline: Current


David hurried after Ro after she left sickbay. He turned both ways to see what way she went. After spotting her he headed in her direction.

"Excuse me Lieutanant Commander." David called out to Ro. "I'm not done with you yet."

"Oh, we're done, Mister Skii," said Green, over her shoulder, making no move to stop her stride. "I can assure you of that."

"I doubt it considering I'm not done telling you how to do your job." David said making sure he kept a straight face hoping he would get the reaction he needed.

Slamming on the breaks, Ro spun to face him. In that brief moment her clarity returned and she realized where they were, in a corridor, people passing by. "This way, then." Green led him into a small briefing room, and when she heard the doors close behind them both, she spun on him again. "First thing. I don't mind suggestions to my chosen career. It's why we're a crew, not out here flying around alone. Second; my gut tells me you are not at fault, and if it came out sounding that way, my apologies. I was trying a bit of deadpan humor, and it obviously failed. In my line of work that is called relieving tension. To be honest, that doesn't piss me off as much as you talking DOWN to me, Commander. Same rank, both supervisors, so to ask me if I understand what was being said, like a cadet would be asked, was disrespectful. I have a saying I have lived by for years; Give respect, Get respect. Now, with that in mind, and out of respect for you, what is it you wanted to say, Commander?"

"Don't lecture me on rank and respect. I have the upmost respect for the position you have and what you do. My intention was not to piss you off or talk down to you." David snapped back and then continued. "We need to work on your sense of humor because I felt like I had to defend myself in front of other crew members." David took a breath and grinned l. "Have you eaten anything?" David said maintaining a somewhat serious facial expression.

Hearing the olive branch being offered in his responses, Green pulled back on her defensive posture. Letting out a breath she then closed her eyes a moment and collected herself. When they opened she grinned. "I am eating crow right now, Commander. I admit, and own, my mistake in the word choices I used, especially in front of others." Her stomach did have the pangs of hunger, now that it was brought up. "If coffee is considered a food source, then yes, I ate." She broke into a smile. "I haven't eaten since I came aboard, however long ago, since I got blindsided by this incident right after meeting the Captain."

"Me I'm starving." He said with a smile. "I have an idea Commander, how about we start over. We grab something to eat and I'll tell you everything I know"

"Fair enough," responded Green. "Aft viewing lounge on deck 2 would be perfect. The Sovereign's answer to the Galaxy Ten Forward." She shook his hand. "Rogue Green, but I have gone by Ro for years now."

"Nice to meet you, Ro." David replied. "You already know who I am, Aft Lounge it is."

The two of them made their way to the lounge, and once there she led them over to a two-person table up against the massive viewports, looking aft between the warp nacelles and secondary hull. Green sat down, with David sitting across from her. "I hope the wait staff is up and running."

"As do I." David said sliding down in the booth. "Maybe we were testing too many things at once." David said shaking his head.

Green gave a nod of acknowledgement. "Could be."

"In engineering." David clarified. "Basically, the yard birds and our team installed a new cooling system for the ships environmental controls. Along with a new warp core."

"That can bring a plethora of issues," replied Ro. "That also means that everyone down there should have been on their game. Yourself and too many others could have been killed. That bothers me, if it's not sabotage, because it means someone got lazy and didn't give a damn until it was too late. Now, here we sit," her left hand made a minor sweeping motion as she lifted it by the wrist, meaning the ship. "Aboard a giant paperweight until all is repaired." She reached out and gave a friendly slap to his arm, grinning. "That's why I was...difficult. All I can do is apologize."

David smiled back. "It's ok I was out of line too. I owe you an apology as well. Engineering is always crazy, this day was no exception. If you ask me I think it was an accident. The ship yard had just completed a pressure test of the system and then put it in standby. When A lieutenant brought over the results I noticed that the pressure had not been pumped down. So I had her tell them to bleed off the pressure. Went to work on making sure the warp core was ready for its first power up and boom." David explained.

A tall, swaggering man in civilian clothes approached. "Tis a bit slow at this hour, so I'll be taking your order. Liam's the name, I own the rights to this fair establishment, and operate 'er too. I have designated this watering hole as the Aft'R Hours." He gave a chuckle. "Aft viewing lounge, and all. What can I get for you, folks?"

Green shook hands with the man. "Good to meet you, Liam. Ro Green." Giving a moment for the other two to exchange greetings, Ro continued. "I'll have a teryaki stir fry, over brown rice, with beef. To wash it down, please bring me a large grapefruit juice."

"And fer you laddie?" Lien asked David.

David looked at Ro and thought about ordering the same because it sounded good. Right now he would eat the table if it was edible. Then something occurred to him. "I'll start with a small bowl of seafood chowder with a side of soda bread. Then I'll have a shepherd pie with the lamb please, and then to finish I'll have some bread pudding, tea to drink please."

Liam looked impressed with the order. "Very good choice lad." And he walked off to prep the meals

David looked to see Ro staring at him. "What?" He replied "I'm hungry."

Ro grinned when he said that, holding her hands up off the table a moment, in a defensive posture. "I didn't say a word." She then chuckled. "Guilty conscience?" Another giggle. "Better hope that doesn't add pounds, the Doctor will have you on a strict diet for a month." A thoughtful expression crossed her face. "Speaking of which, I'll need my physical in the next day or so, or I'll be taken off active duty."

"I think I've been poked and prodded enough for a while." David replied and then thought for a moment before continuing. "It had to be when Lieutenant Gardner told the yard workers to dump the pressure. Gardner is the Lieutenant I asked to tell them to pump down the pressure."

Green sipped some water from the provided pre-meal glass. "Could be. I am going to go through the internal sensor logs, being Chief of Security, and see if I can find the exact moment things went awry. I'm sure the responsible individuals will be sussed out. How far I can take it? No clue. But, it will be found and a report filed to all concerned. I'll leave it to the powers that be to decide on the punishment...if any."

"It put six people into sick bay." David replied to the comment. "And delayed our departure. I'm sure Starfleet is not happy."

"Hence," said Green, giving him a serious but playful look. "Why I am so driven to get to the bottom of it. I'm not perfect by any means, David, but I do believe in what is right. Finding the culprit, or culprits, became a bit obsessive. Starfleet and the UFP saved me from a lonely existence on a barren colony world, and I pay back that debt each and every day, as much as possible." To offset the memories of her childhood, she took in a breath and let it out slowly, and was thankful when the food arrived. It provided a break in the conversation as they each got their dishes and thanked Liam. After he left, she then looked to Skii. "Being so driven I have to, at times, rein myself in."

David knew it might be impolite but he dove into his food anyway. Ripping a peice of the soda bread off and dunking it in his soup and then popping the whole thing in his mouth. He at least chewed and swallowed before speaking. "Sorry but this is yummy. You like most people here take pride in their work and their ship. It's easy to get cought up in the moment." David took another hunk of bread dipped it in his soup and ate it before continuing. "I would say our next stop would be asking Lieutenant Gardner what happened. I'm as eager to find out what happened as you are."

Since Skii had dove into his meal, and her stomach was growling as she smelled the aromas, Green mixed her rice into the stir fry with her fork and began to eat. She held a cloth napkin in her lap, dabbing her mouth when needed, listening and glancing up at him between bites. She chewed and swallowed casually, speaking when there was a break in sustenance. "I'll leave that to you, then. You know the engineers better than I do, and going through the internal sensor logs will take hours. Better to split up and flank them," she gave a grin and wink as she took another bite, then sipped some of her grapefruit juice.

The comment took David by suprise. "Are you asking for my help on the investigation?"

Fork stopping in mid stab, her holding it up, Ro looked at him and gave a slight giggle. "Did I stutter? Yes, David, that is exactly what I am asking of you. I understand engineering almost as well as those who chose the profession, but with my attention being needed for the investigation done in Security, I need someone with a level of understanding to do the leg work down there. If you're opposed, I understand. Internal affairs can bring hard feelings, and I don't wish to subject you to that without your consent." She lifted the skewered food with her fork, taking the bite and chewing as she looked at him to see what he would say.

David already knew the answer, plus he was going to find out anyway. His shepherds pie arrived and he stabbed his fork into the flaky crust. Smiling back, waiting for the right moment to answer her. "Agreed. I will run your investigation for you and when I find out a few things I will give you a report." David finished by taking a bite, and winking back.

Finishing what she could Green pushed her bowl forward, taking up her juice after wiping her face and placing the napkin in the bowl with her utensils. "Thank you. That will be a big help. I hear-tell there's a new ACEO down there, so with his help I'm sure we can discover the facts." Drinking down her juice, then giving a light burp as she set the glass down. "Excuse me," she grinned, before standing. "Those internal logs won't research themselves. Thank you for sharing a meal, and for this conversation. The past is the past, and that's where we'll leave the previous angst." Walking between Skii and the chairs at another table, Green gave his shoulder a friendly squeeze as she passed, saying. "Be safe today." Walking toward the door Ro looked at Liam behind the bar, gave a nod and lip-synced 'thank you' to him before exiting.

David watched her walk out of the lounge as he did he found himself grinning like an idiot. He saw the exchange between Liam and Ro as she left.

Liam brought over David's dessert, bread pudding. "A fine woman there laddie."

David looked at the bread pudding and it smelled great. He took a quick taste and turned to Liam. "This is yummy." David said pointing at his dessert with his fork. "And that woman is not to underestimated. Her name should be Venus.

"Oh-oh" Liam replied. "Someone fancy that lass?" He asked pleasantly. "You mean she's beautiful like the planet?"

"No like the plant." David said flatly taking another bite.

"The plant?? Why?." Liam asked confused.

David smiled. "She's beautiful, but deadly. You do something wrong she WILL catch you."

Liam smiled at his explanation. "You like that tho."

David nodded and smiled back. "I will not confirm or deny. Now bring me a glass of your finest Irish whiskey"



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