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INFINITE DIVERSITY by Lieutenant Taavis

Posted on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD
Edited on on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:48pm

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: various
Timeline: Current


Lieutenant Taavis made her way through spacedock, a PADD in her hands, shoulders free of luggage as she had her hands clasped behind her back while walking. Her powder blue catsuit was appropriately adorned with a ship patch for the USS Tigris, and her rank pin was on the right side of her chest, opposite the combadge on the left. Her special dispensation for garb approved by Starfleet Command. Her eyes casually took in spacedock's corridors and decor as she went, her face stoic, when she came upon the gangway arm leading to her new command. Turning into that hall and walking with measured steps she arrived before the podium and two security personnel. Bringing her PADD up from behind her back, she tapped a few keys, found her transfer orders, then handed it over without saying a word. A human female took the PADD and compared the data for the transfer, being expedient in doing so.

"There you are, Lieutenant Taavis. Please, put your eye before the scanner for the retina scan."

Again, not saying a word, Taavis did as instructed, the beam coming forth to scan her eye. It was not an unpleasant experience, and one she knew needed to be done. Going back to a full stance after it finished, Taavis took her PADD back when it was offered.

"Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. Have a nice day."

Deciding to be polite and use human pleasantries, Taavis finally spoke. "Thank you." Once that was said, she spun halfway to her left and proceeded through the gangway. Just as she stepped onto the deck plates of Tigris, Taavis sidestepped to get closer to a wall, bringing up her PADD and looking for her cabin assignment. She found it, on deck 3. Letting her hands fall to her sides Taavis began walking the corridors, and when she found a lift she then ordered it to deck 3. Arriving in moments, and stepping out, Taavis proceeded down the hall, looking at the section signs until she found her quarters, which opened for her as she stepped up to the doors and the sensor detected her. Going inside, seeing the bland inner rooms, Taavis tapped her comm badge. "Spacedock transporter room, this is Lieutenant Taavis assigned to USS Tigris. Please, beam my belongings to designated coordinates, private quarters, based on my combadge location. Thank you, Taavis out."

Within a few moments the hum of the transporter was heard and her baggage arrived in the center of her living room. Once it had materialized, Taavis stepped in and began to open the bags and boxes, decorating her quarters the way she preferred. "Computer, set personal quarters to Vulcan standard gravity, and the temperature to that of Vulcan facilities."

The computer acknowledged the orders, with Taavis immediately feeling the change within her personal space. Going to the replicator, and tying in her PADD, she uploaded all her clothing requirements, from knickers up to more catsuits with Starfleet paraphenalia. This way, when in a rush and for ease, all she had to do was order them up, or tap keys to access her personal wear. Finished with that menial task, Taavis turned back to her unpacking, setting everything around her quarters in a logical, yet strategic, manner. When she finished with that she would then move furniture around for the placement of her Vulcan altar. The candles she could replicate and place around her quarters when the task at hand was completed.



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