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THE NAMELESS SHAMER by Lieutenant Sean Byrnes

Posted on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD
Edited on on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:46pm

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: various
Timeline: Current


After a good breakfast Byrnes was walking down a random corridor, a thermomug of black Colombian coffee in his left hand, a glazed donut in his right. He had taken a bite and a sip of coffee, avoiding running into others, absentmindedly chewing while walking along, nodding and grinning to those he passed. After a few more bites, and swallowing what he had chewed, he had a moment to actually say hello to the next person he passed. Coming toward him was a woman in a gold shirt, one he did not know, and saw her pips. "Mornin', Commander." The usual friendly grin was on his face as he said that in passing. He got "Whatever" as she passed by, not looking too happy, so Sean shrugged and kept walking. Coming to a four-way in the halls, he stopped, right hand held up in the air, fingers open. The donut had been consumed, but now he had the frosting on his fingertips. Standing there, a sheepish look on his face, he glanced down the front of himself. Nope, no napkin sticking out of a pocket for easy use--he had spaced grabbing one. "Shit," he hissed to himself.

Looking this way and that, up and down each corridor, he felt that the galaxy always came to a screeching halt when one had sticky fingers. Not a soul in sight, no help for the wicked. So, deciding on a course of action, Sean brought the offending hand closer and closer to his own uniform blouse, but it was a battle of wills. The hand stopped, and he tried to push it to go further in his mind, but his pride and decorum was battling to NOT soil the front of his tunic with the smeared, sticky remains of the donut. "This sucks," he said to himself.

"Excuse me," came the question from behind him, in a pleasant female tone.

Spinning to face the unknown person, Byrnes gave a grin to the good looking gal. "Sorry, was talking about my current dilemma." He moved the right hand, still held up, to show what he meant. Her rank pin indicated she was a petty officer 2nd class.

IN a sarcastic tone, the PO2 did a good job of holding back her smile while speaking. "Ohhh, that looks bad, Sir. Should we get you to sickbay?" Then she snickered, but held back the laughter.

"Hardy-har-har," responded Byrnes, with his own sarcasm. "Yeah, sure, give 'em a call. I wanna hear what you will give as the explanation for a site to site." Then he chuckled. "I don't think 'sticky frosting situation' will go over well." They both laughed at that.

The PO2 dug in a pocket, bringing out a handkerchief. "Here." She watched this Lieutenant looking around for some place to set his cup so he could take the hanky with his clean hand, which made her giggle as she held out the cloth. "Sir, gimme the cup." She took it from him and gave the hanky. As he started to lick and clean his fingers with the cloth, she chuckled. "I hate to ask, Sir, but what department do you work in?"

Focused on his hand, turning it this way and that while cleaning and checking for any sticky residue. "Engineering. Why?"

Several people went by so she waited until they were out of earshot before responding. "That's scary. I hope you handle that better than you handle a soiled hand." She smiled and wagged her eyebrows.

"Blow me," said Sean, with a smile and a chuckle.

The PO2 fired right back, in a pseudo-official tone. "Apologies, Sir, but I cannot help you with that, as it would be considered fraternization."

That quick remark made Byrnes laugh. "You're good, miss. Nice comeback." Finishing his hand cleaning, he made to hand back the cloth.

"Keep it," said the PO2. "I don't know where your mouth has been, so safety first," again, the sarcasm was present, as was another crooked grin.

"You always play it safe," asked Byrnes.

"That's me, a safety girl." She handed his mug back. Giving him a friendly wink she went around him to continue on her original course, heading to the lift.

Sean spun to watch her as she was leaving. "You got a name?"

Stepping into the lift and spinning to face him, the gal smiled and winked again. "Don't we all?" The doors closed and she was gone.

Byrnes laughed again, shaking his head at the whole situation. "I'll find out who you are," he said to himself. "Then, let the pranks begin." Walking into the same lift she had just used, Sean headed for engineering.



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