Glad to be out in space.

Posted on Tue Jun 14, 2016 @ 3:42pm by Captain Joseph Boston

"Computer begin captains personal log." Joe said to the empty ready room.

The computer beeped in the afirmiitive.

"It feels good to be out in space again. Feeling the hum of the ship at warp. It had been far too long for this ship to sit in space dock. After successfully completing the Pluto training grounds we made a quick stop for Jonas's ship the Hotaru. I think he actually giggled when we brought her aboard. I've asked the Air Boss to keep an eye on him but to also help with any repairs he may need. Starfleet has been telling all Captains to be on the look out as pirate activity has gone up. I feel our first assignment will be patrolling the sector of space where the most activity has been. I hate to think of putting the ship in danger but I'm sure the new crew will handle themselves remarkably. I'm already impressed with the medical staff and our team of Engineers."

Joe took a moment to think. "I think it's my time for bridge duty. Computer end log."

=^= Beep =^=