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Civilian Jonas Marsh

Name Jonas T Marsh

Position Civilian

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Unknown
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 213
Weight 6'1"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Normally Jonas wears a brown duster with a disrupter strapped to his leg; with some brown leather boots. He stands little taller then most humans, his brown hair and blue eyes make him stand out in a crowd. He is fit but not overly muscled. He does not work out to get his figure. His figure comes from repairing and maintaining his ship. He is used to lifting large items from ship components to cargo crates up and down.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonas is a lone spacer; he has logged more time in space alone then people at twice his age. He is a rude, cocky, joking individual; hard to get along with and every harder to be friends with.

Jonas has a command presence about him; he is quick to give orders and is even quicker to punish those that do not follow. If you do not wish to follow his orders, he will not think twice about leaving you behind. If you betray him or someone he is chartering, he will not hesitate to shoot you.

His only true companion through his travels is a female German Shepherd who he named Lady which he received as payment for bring a daughter home to her father. Jonas tends to talk and treat Lady as if she was real person and could understand him. Throughout their time together a bound grew, and the two have become very close. Though Lady is only a dog, she has a personality all her own. She is very intelligence and very protective of Jonas, and will follow him wherever he goes. If she feels/sense that someone maybe threaten Jonas, she will warn the person with a growl as she shows her teeth and break to warn them away. If they proceed farther Lady will attack the person with out a second thought. Most ports have not seen an Earth dog before and tend to fear her, which seems to suit Lady just fine.
Strengths & Weaknesses With Jonas space traveling and trading, he has picked up a lot of traits. Because he was alone for so long he had to learn to adapt quickly to new surroundings. He knows fourteen languages and customs (Bajoran, Breen, Cardassian, English, Ferengi, Iconian, Japanese, Klingonese, Risan, Romulan, Sheliak, Tamarian, Trill, and Vulcan.) He is able to pilot a ship very well and navigate the sectors without looking at a space chart or a navigational computer. He has some medical knowledge from healing himself and Lady, as well as engineering background from repairing his ship. Though he has no formal combat training, Jonas is able to hold his own in a fight, both unarm and with a disrupter.

With all these strengths come even bigger weaknesses. Because Jonas is used to be alone and relying on himself, he finds it hard and sometimes even frightening when dealing with others in matters unrelated to his business.

It is hard for Jonas to trust other individuals and work beside them. His cocky, joking, and rude demeanor tends to turn most people away. If he is in public and not negotiating a business deal, he is found at the back of the bar drinking alone.
Ambitions Jonas hopes to find a woman that shares his ambitions and living free life to its fullest.
Hobbies & Interests His biggest hobby and interest would have to be his ship, which he calls Hotaru. Though the ship itself is of basic design, and at times barely works properly. Jonas puts all the credits he earns back into her. Weapons systems are far weaker then that of a Starfleet Runabout, but Jonas takes pride in her and knowing that his ship can out run and out maneuver the authorities in most sectors.

Other hobbies would include his dog Lady, business deals both legal and otherwise, weapon cleaning, and target practice.

Known Languages: Bajoran Breen Cardassian Ferengi Iconian Klingonese Risan Romulan Sheliak Tamarian Trill Vulcan

Personal History The farthest back Jonas can remember was his life as a slave. He used to clean a house for a family and serve their every need. Once opportunity to escape arose Jonas took it, he ran away from the house and never returned.

As a young child of eight, Jonas found himself living on the streets on Farius Prime doing odd jobs to feed and cloth himself. He has no recollection of who his parents are, nor does he care to find out. Streets made Jonas grow up fast, he learned to stand up for himself and to fight and defend himself. He learned about the Orion Syndicate and how they operated as he picked up small delivery jobs for them. To this day it is believe Jonas still has contacts well inside the Orion Syndicate.

Jonas always had a dream of leaving Farius Prime, and one day he got his chance. A space trader needed another crewmember to help with his load. Jonas was a mere thirteen when he lied about his age and joined them. The Captain knew of the lie, but he also knew the boy would have a better life onboard his small ship then we would have running around the streets on Farius Prime.

The years passed as Jonas grew, he learned many things while onboard the ship. They taught him how to operate and repair the equipment onboard, how to avoid authorities when hauling unlicensed cargo. As he grew into a man the Captain thought of Jonas more as a son then a crewmember. He taught Jonas the most prized thing he knew, which was how to navigate the stars without the use of a navigational computer or charts. He also showed Jonas the best trade routes that he knew. From there ports of trade, Jonas learned the languages and customs of many species.

At a port while gambling his earnings away on a game of Tongo, he came across a Nausicaan ore trader who believed he had the better hand. Unable to match Jonas bet, the Nausicaan bet his ship in hopes to bluff Jonas. Jonas took the bet and gave the opponent a grin. Once they revealed their cards Jonas saw that he beat the Nausicaan Full Consortium with a Total Monopoly. The Nausicaan was out raged and accused him of cheating. The dealer of the game stated it was fair game and that he should handover the winnings to Jonas. Out raged the Nausicaan drew a disrupter and before he could fire Jonas drew his own weapon and shot the Nausicaan dead. The body was dragged away after his belongs where removed and given to Jonas. Death was a common sight in a gambling establishment such as the one he was in.

The ship was barely space worthy and from the looks of it saw many fights, but it was his never the less. It was not much, but it was his ship. He told the story to the old Captain who took him in; even though the Captain was sad to hear he also understood that there was nothing more he could teach Jonas. He allowed Jonas to run a few trade routes with him to build up enough credits to better maintain his ship.

At the age of eighteen finally gave his ships a name, he named her Hotaru. Jonas took off towards the stars alone and never looked back. He holds a place inside for the Captain that took him in. Jonas runs the space sectors making credits any way he can, even in illegal goods. Some sectors wish to hold him questioning while others want him arrested.
Service Record Civilian record not found...