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Lieutenant Commander Rogue "Ro" Green

Name Rogue "Ro" Veritas Green

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 137lbs.
Hair Color Dark brown/brunette
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Rogue is a healthy looking woman, with the body of someone who eats right and exercises regularly to stay in shape. She has pierced ears and a piercing above her left eye, as well as a belly button piercing.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Green grew up on a colony world and has been through much as a child, able to absorb what she had to deal with to become strong and defend herself against those around her. She carries a lot of pain from that time and someday it is bound to add up to something she won't be experienced enough to handle. Rogue is well aware that grief and guilt are only a micron away from anger and hatred.

From a young age Ro showed that she was prodigiously talented with anything mechanically (engineering) oriented, a gifted pilot, and a skilled emergency medical technician. Years of living on a new colony taught her to use these skills daily to survive and aid others. Her primary interest as she grew up had always been intellectual activities, a proclivity which later aided her when she went to her initial Security training. She excels in emergency medicine and engineering pursuits, which makes her perfect for field operations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rogue practices mixed martial arts and melee weapons, in the event she should need to improvise at a moment's notice when no firearms are available. Not a master by any means, but she can handle herself in most situations. She is tough as nails for a Human female, and can take a serious beating before going down.

To sum her up, Rogue Green has reckless confidence, fearlessness and courage, a wry wit and a sardonic sense of humor. She takes her responsibilities as serious as any other officer.

Being who she is, Rogue knows that she has two sides to her persona, described most roughly as passive and aggressive. One half of that nature manifests itself in Green's frequent melancholy about the state of her life: when she is aboard ship, she longs for a life of ease; when moored, her thoughts are focused on space travel. Her violent tendencies range from her enthusiastic beatings of enemies to her willingness to provoke fellow officers.

The flexibility of her nature is a large part of her success. The woman sensitive enough to tread lightly among Klingons in the manner of their culture, is the same who sees the plain necessity in destroying a threat to the Federation, without remorse.

Green has a strong moral center and devotion to the values she finds embodied in the Federation, spending most of her life in its service and defense, since it was the UFP that saved her from a horrible existence. In numerous incidents, she has risked her life for causes she deemed just, and will always do so. Her confidence in her righteousness sometimes leads her to creatively interpret, and outright disobey, her orders. A charismatic and successful officer, Green inspires loyalty from those beneath her, officers and enlisted alike.

Beyond her apparent skills, Green exhibits a comprehensive knowledge of starship systems. Green is capable of scrambling up a Jefferies tube to effect the necessary repairs, at any time, no matter the circumstances.

As a means to avoid battle, or to divert her opponent long enough so she can get the upper hand, Green frequently bluffs or lies her way through a parley.

When it comes to mental assaults and trauma, Rogue has seen her share. As a girl, Green witnessed the massacre of the four thousand colonists on Rigo IV, up to and including her own family. She fought hard to live, using what she had been taught as a child, and using unorthodox methods to secure her own survival. She mourns the loss of her mother, father, and her brother and sister, always. But, she does not let this weaken or deter her.

The demands of Green's career, and life, require her best possible health, and in this endeavor she is always staying physically fit. She spars with fellow crew regularly, not to mention lots of aerobics and physically demanding exercises.

Green's career style often brings her into close proximity with enemies, often resulting in hand-to-hand combat. Her idiosyncratic martial-arts style uses hand-chops to the neck, wrestling and Judo throws, round-house punches, two-fisted swings and open-hand slaps in varying combinations, and even drop kicks. Combined with her MMA training, it makes her a foe to be reckoned with. In addition, Green regularly performs dives and rolls, either to evade phaser-fire or to attack an opponent, thereby often jumping off walls and other fixed elements, similar to the old film star Jackie Chan. At times, a larger, more powerful opponent clearly out-classes Green, leaving her to her wits, the aid of her crew, or pure luck to see her through.
Ambitions James T. Kirk is Ro's hero and role model. In her mind he was, by far, the best and greatest Starfleet officer in its history. She emulates him and knows that she herself is very much like him. If she has an ambition it is to be as great, and good, as Kirk was, and to one day command her own ship.
Hobbies & Interests As would be expected of a person who lived a rough and ready life, Rogue likes the dangerous and thrilling as a means of entertainment. Physical activities are also favored.

Beyond this Ro is an avid singer with a wide range of vocal, and has a fondness for the guitar and percussion of Earth; especially for rock and metal bands, her preferred music. She plays, sings, and performs regularly, either in holodecks, the lounges of many a place, or merely in her cabin for her own relaxation and enjoyment.

Personal History Grew up on several colonies. The last was Rigo IV, where she was left alone after the entire colony was wiped out by pirates and mercs, her family included. Green had been the typical 13 year old, out mucking about in the woods when the attack occurred. Spending almost 5 years alone, surviving however she could, Green was discovered by a Starfleet vessel, and brought home to Earth. This is what drives her to excel, to pay back Starfleet for their kindness, rescue, and the generosity of the government that supports it. Her father had tried to give her a good life, going from colony to colony, but in so doing it drove him to drink heavily and take it out on his family. Ro does not blame him for anything, it is just a fact that she remembers and works hard every day to overcome.
Service Record Joined Starfleet at 19 yrs of age. Went through the Academy for Security officer, cross training in both Engineering and Strategic Operations.

At 23, graduated the Academy with above average scores.

Assigned to U.S.S. Defiant after a stint in Strategic Operations field work, in the Bajoran sector.

During her time as a Security officer kept up on medicine and engineering, with medical taking the forefront. Reading journals from both in her spare time, staying caught up. Using this knowledge to better herself, and to shoot for Medical Officer (M.D.). She passed these tests, but at the last moment decided to not pursue this road in her career, even after all the hard work she had put in, feeling she had another calling.