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Lieutenant Sorel

Name Sorel PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 82

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 170
Hair Color Grayish
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Distinguished Vulcan male


Spouse Tatiana Sanchez
Children Damos
Father Toreg
Mother S'veth
Brother(s) Turan
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sorel is an anachronism of his era, as he strives to fit into a culture he no longer feels a part of. Raised on Vulcan, his passion was ancient Romulan history.

He now has set his goal to helping this noble sect of Vulcan past once again find itself.
Strengths & Weaknesses His biggest strength is looking to history to solve a problem of today.

His weakness is his romantic passion to the Romulan culture.
Ambitions To be essential once again
Hobbies & Interests Xenology, Transwarp theory, Music, Cooking.

Personal History Personal History
Sorel was born on Vulcan but moved off world at age 6 to join his father's expedition to Malbus 3, a Vulcanoid colony. Returning to Vulcan at age 12 he completed primary block and entered the junior science academy.

At age 16 he graduated the junior college and then joined the Vulcan Science Academy with a primary study in xenology. As this degree was considered drove, Sorel then took a warp drive advanced science course availing him to pass with two degrees.

The Romulan's attacked a Klingon out post the next year, near Narenda 3 resulting in a war which heightened tensions between the Federation and Star Empire. Propelling all science and schooling centers to begin war time preparations, not unlike terran earth circa 1940.

Sorel enlisted in Star fleet that same year and thus began a long career as a Star fleet Science Officer, aboard the USS Enterprise-C. His ship engaged a Romulan assault and was presumed lost but found itself propelled into a special rift emerged a generation later crippled and damaged.

With its Captain killed, the Enterprise C was assisted by a future version of itself and offered assistance while dodging the assaults of two Klingon cruisers, given their current state of war.

Enterprise C and crew concluded to return back to their time, given upgrades that allowed then to engage the enemy again near Narendra 3. Resulting in saving the Klingon's and Federation from an interstellar war.

Captured and tried on Romulus, Sorel was one of the few Enterprise- C crew that survived the harshness of the Romulan's and their prisons. And despite the treatment Sorel found a passion to learn more about these off shoots of his people.

It was while he was here that he got to meet the legendary Spock of Vulcan, a year before being released. Romulan Senator Pardek had arranged for Spock to meet with several prisoners, and he was one of them. Attributing the experience to the terran biblical figure of Christ and his effect on the Romulan's reform group that had begun to grow.

Returning to Earth after years of prison Sorel recovered and fell in,love with a young Betazed woman. A few years later he
again resumed his studies of Romulan culture and taught classes at the Star Fleet Academy campus on Earth/ California and then later Paris France.

A small stint on USS Einstein was his next duty station.

He served on Starbase 249 until his position was discontinued. Now he seeks to resume life as a science officer once again on a star ship.

Now serving on USS Tigris as Chief of Science.
Service Record Vulcan Science Academy - Student

USS Enterprise C - Science officer

Star fleet Academy California - Professor Emeritus

USS Einstein - Chief Science Officer

Starbase 249 - Director of Science Studies