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Lieutenant Taavis

Name Taavis

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Romulan
Age 67

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 137lbs.
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Taavis is a sexy, exotic woman with a thin, athletic, curvacious build. Wears her hair in shorter styles.


Tramp stamp: Romulan raptor symbol all the way across.

Left butt cheek: On the outside center of her left butt cheek, from bottom to top, four kitty paws as if a cat had walked up her bum.

Left thigh: A wrap around gothic rose and thorns, one inch in diameter, which includes the words in the Romulan language 'Akhiy Heith' (Black Cat), mixed into the thorns with Olde English script.


Taavis wears catsuits in the Vulcan styles, with patches and rank pins worn accordingly to denote her Starfleet status. Her logical argument to SFHQ was that if a klingon was allowed a baldric or long hair, then she should be allowed to wear the garb similar to her own culture. They accepted the argument and have allowed her to wear the catsuits, as long as Starfleet is represented clearly.


Sister(s) Taavin (her twin), Venis (pronounced Venice), and Taris (who she believes is deceased)
Other Family She is a member of the Romulan Family Tovan.

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first meeting, Taavis seems callous and indifferent, but as she becomes accustomed to someone, she begins to trust and respect them. She is courageous, determined, passionate, and possesses an exceptional strength of character.

Taavis is considerably more emotional than many other Vulcans due to her Romulan lineage. After suffering an illness that had caused synaptic damage, Taavis was not able to control her emotional impulses as before, when she was a Vulcan in her bearing and logic. Now, her emotions are a part of her and she has readily accepted them.

Taavis is a follower of Jarok, who attempted to reconcile Surak's logic with the undeniable truth of emotional existence; followers of Jarok seek to embrace, understand, and thus tame their emotions rather than fighting to repress them. Taavis also embraces her Romulan heritage now, having spent a great deal of time with her sisters Venis and Taavin, learning what it meant to be a Romulan. She speaks both her native tongues fluently.

She and her twin, Taavin, are almost exactly alike in every way, with Taavin being a little wilder. Taavis prefers to remain the calm one, but is not without her own ability to mete out her own form of justice when wronged.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a Vulcan/Romulan hybrid serving in Starfleet, Taavis's physiology makes her, in many cases, stronger and more physically resilient than her counterparts. Unlike many traditional Vulcans, Taavis is not primarily a vegetarian but is open to exploring a variety of other foods and beverages. She enjoys chamomile and mint teas and experiments with Earth dishes, including pecan pie and Georgia peaches. Practicing regimented meditation, Taavis rarely deviates from her routine.

While serving in Ministry of Security on Vulcan, completed training in reconnaisance and retrieval; immediately dispatched to apprehend several rogue Vulcan operatives, with mixed success. She and her twin, Taavin, were used in conjunction to fool those they pursued into believing that one or the other was very fast and versatile in their movements.

Her skill as a scientist is unquestioned, but working alongside irrational humans is an ongoing lesson in Vulcan patience. Although Vulcan, Taavis has shown that her allegiance is to the truth. If this brings disfavor from her own people or those of higher status, so be it. Truth is truth. Taavis joined the Vulcan Science Directorate right after her youthful education ended, and performed admirably even while serving the Ministry of Defense, which led to her decision to join Starfleet.

As a Vulcan her logical, scientific mind is always interested in all around her, but she rarely shows it anymore. As of late she has been struggling to regain more control over her emotions, trying to return to her more Vulcan veneer. She has had mixed success.