Lieutenant Commander Alister McKeon

Name Alister McKeon

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 195
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description If their was an image for a non-descript human male, Alister`s picture would appear next to it. His hair and eyes are both a neutral brown common to the majority of humans and his build and size fall within the average range. On closer inspection his eyes seem to hold an intelligence and pain that belay his age. He keeps himself in shape with hikes and rock climbing.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Rodney McKeon
Mother Regina McKeon
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Jennifer McKeon Jefferson
Other Family Neice: Angela Jefferson
Brother-in-law: Brad Jefferson (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alister is a hardened Intel officer and plays his cards close to his chest, until called or believing he has the winning hand. In his earlier days he had seen and done almost everything an Intelligence Officer could do, and it shows in his ability to keep his cool even when everything seems to be falling apart around him. Only a handful of close friends see a softer side to him. Alister picks up small items for his niece back on Earth from the breadth of the quadrant, sometimes from even outside the Federation`s borders.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Alister has served in a variety of Intel roles including being a part of a Starfleet Black Ops unit during the Dominion War. He his no stranger to combat wheter that comes in the form of ship to ship combat or dealing out death in a back alley.
Weaknesses: Keeping his cards close to his vest means that some memebers of the crew feel alienated by his presence and it tends to cause friction.
Ambitions Alister would like to raise up to command intel operations from a sector level.
Hobbies & Interests Alister still enjoys hikes and rock climbing in the holodeck but has recently come to even more enjoy a game of poker. While swearing it`s only to keep sharp skills needed by every Intelligence Officer, the grin that appears on his face makes the statement appear somewhat shaky.

Alister has a reputation of not being afraid to make back room deals to get a job done, and a gift of liquor or an old contact across the border have been known to open doors that where previously firmly closed.

Personal History Alister was the oldest son of Rodney and Regina McKeon, born in the Shenandoah Valley on Earth. His father ran a highly successful business assembling and selling handmade real wooden furniture, while his mother taught basic science at the grade school. Growing up surrounded by the woods and mountains Alister spent much of his childhood roaming around nature, his grades on the lower end of average, despite high scores on aptitude tests.

Encountering a group of Starfleet cadets on one of his hikes he began to wonder if he would be content to simple take over his father`s business with his younger sister. Taking the time to think things over he began to apply himself starting in high school, rising from one of the poorer students to second in his class and passing the entrance exams to Starfleet Academy.

Upon his entry to the Academy Alister wanted to be a Security Officer, however his ability to blend into a crowd and close to photographic memory brought him to the attention of Starfleet Intelligence. Convincing the young cadet to give it a try, he switched to the Intelligence branch and found he enjoyed the slightly higher course load, especially learning about different cultures. Showing an aptitude for combat operations, he started to be steered toward the covert operations branch of Intelligence.

His cadet cruise took place on the USS Ulysses and saw him on a patrol along the Cardassian border. The basic belief that all was at peace was brought to a rude end, when he assisted the ship`s Intel department to rout out an Obsidian Order sleeper cell on a Federation planet. Returning for his senior year he struck a friendship with another cadet, Kelly Stewart, who was also in the Intelligence field. When the two graduated they had become closer then friends and had a budding romance. Alister was assigned to a position with a covert ops unit on the Romulan border, while Kelly received a position at a Starfleet listening post along the Cardassian border.

Alister`s assignment to the Romulan border brought him into direct conflict with the feared Romulan Tal Shiar. A number of highly classified operations also saw him for the first time engaged against Reman shock troops. After spending four years in a bitter shadow struggle against the Romulans and with the conditions reaching a head with the Klingon Empire, Alister`s unit was transferred to the Klingon Front.

Given an assignment to be in position to hamper Klingon operations if war should happen, his unit infiltrated a Klingon planet and waited for either war or peace. When war struck Alister`s unit destroyed a Klingon munitions depot, and with other units attempted to cause as much havoc as possible in the Klingon rear areas. Alister and his unit discovered to their misfortune that Klingon Intelligence was every bit as skilled as their Romulan counterparts and half their team fell in an ambush while trying to destroy one of the main Klingon repair yards. When peace was finally reinstated the unit was given replacements and sent to the Cardassian border and what was viewed as a relatively safe world. Alister managed to re-ignite his relationship with Kelly as they found themselves posted to the same world. They were blissfully unaware the planet that was chosen happened to be on the main invasion route for the Dominion.

The Dominion War and the stunning defeats that the Fleet suffered caught Alister`s team flat footed; they managed to evade the Dominion patrols and even left a nucleus of a guerrilla movement. A daring rescue by the Ulysses pulled the Intelligence operatives off the world. Alister and Kelly were separated as each reported to different sectors of the front, while Intelligence scrambled to rebuild its ranks that had been decimated by losses. The unit Alister was assigned to was one of a bare handful that had come intact and they were given no respite and dispatched to do all they could to slow down the Dominion juggernaut, as new units where rapidly assembled from whatever personal Intelligence could get their hands on. In the second year of the war, Alister learned that Kelly had been assigned to a team attempting to penetrate the old DMZ, and she and the team she was assigned to were killed.

The good fortune of having yet to suffer a casualty came to a sudden halt on Betazed, where the team was resting after a long mission behind enemy lines. The opening bombardment and invasion caught them on a Starfleet installation on the planet and only three managed to break through the Jem`Hadar and meet up with one of the planet`s resistance units. The last year of the war brought Alister a unique experience of joining a combined unit of Klingons and Romulans. People who he had fought against in the past were now assigned to his unit and they where expected to operate in unison. Putting aside the past, the combined units operated well, and the contacts Alister made continue to this day.

The end of the war brought about a badly bloodied Starfleet Intelligence and Alister found himself one of the few of the "old hands" to survive. Being assigned to Starfleet Academy to begin training a new generation of intel officers, he found home had changed a great deal to him. His sister had married a young Starfleet Officer two years before only for him to be killed in battle. His parents were concerned by their son`s detached behavior, but his two year old niece managed to worm her way into her Uncle`s heart and some of his old warmth started to return.

Finding teaching to be a far more pleasant job then he had first thought, he was surprised when Starfleet Intelligence reassigned him after four years. Rather then a covert ops team like he assumed he would command, he found himself assigned as the Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Archangel. The culture shock between the laid back attitude of Intelligence`s covert ops team and the regular Fleet officers took him by surprise and his first year was rather rocky. Forcing himself to adjust his attitude somewhat he began to find life bearable, and soon was given leeway to operate his department the way it made sense to him. For the next eight years Alister served aboard the Archangel with more then the occasional recall to the colors to lead particular sensitive covert missions. After his last mission Alister found himself transferred to the USS Tigris.