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Hello all and welcome

Posted on Wed Jul 22, 2020 @ 12:25am by Captain Joseph Boston

Welcome to the relaunch of the USS Tigris. She has had a long history and I know you guys will continue to make this simm stand out!

We also have the opportunity to do our own thing as we are not with any fleets. Recruiting is easy when your in a fleet but we already have all our major positions filled but one! If any of you know of someone who wants to fill the Chief Tatical/Security Officer position.

In the meantime try to find a picture that you want to use for your player. There are plenty of Star Trek Avatars out there on the web.

Please post a personal blog. Some of you are first time assignments to the ship and even Starfleet. This is HUGE for players! Please post about the transition.

Any questions please ask.

Captain Boston
CO USS Tigris


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