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Time to recruit.

Posted on Thu Jun 9, 2016 @ 1:06pm by Captain Joseph Boston

Hello everyone!

I regret to inform everyone that our current XO has decided the he can not continue at this time. So if you notice that I have not been on as much as of late it is because I'm busy recruiting. With that said I like to check out our new Facebook page and group:

Star Trek: Tigris

If you search for it in Facebook you should see it. Please like and share! Lol Also if you know of any friends that be interested in joining our sim please have them check us out!

As soon as we get a new XO we will start an official mission.

Also I forgot to tell everyone I'm working on our Awards Page. That's right you can earn awards for your posts at the end of each mission. Awards, posts, and time lead to promotions!

Thank you and keep up the good work!!
Captain Boston


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